A LF match is suspended 'sine die' due to the coronavirus

Perfumerías Avenida and Campus Promete were to play this weekend, but a positive in the Rioja team forces the game to be postponed indefinitely.


The Endesa Women's League game that Perfumerías Avenida and Campus Promete were going to play this Monday has been postponed, without determining a date to play it, when the positive for coronavirus of one of the Riojan players was confirmed, which will force new tests all his companions.

Thus a new setback occurs in this match, which was scheduled for Saturday, September 26 and was delayed one day due to this situation. Since the result of the second test on the player - who already tested positive on Thursday - was delayed, it was postponed until tomorrow, Monday.But this Sunday the Spanish Basketball Federation has confirmed that after testing positive the player in the second test, the match is postponed. Before setting a new date for the match, between the Spanish champion and the team that was placed as leader on the first day, we will have to wait for the entire Logroño squad to perform a new PCR test and until then the entire team is keep confined to their homes.

When the results of the tests are known, if all are negative, Campus Promete would return to training -without the player affected by COVID- and could think about finding a date for that clash. If there were more positives, however, they should continue in confinement, which could affect not only the Salamanca game but others that follow, given that their match on the third day of the Endesa Femenina League is scheduled for next October 2.

The postponement of the match between Perfumerías Avenida and Campus Promete is not the only one in this situation; The Spanish Basketball Federation has also confirmed the undated postponement of the Casademont Zaragoza-Ciudad de la Laguna Tenerife. The Aragonese team has already postponed their match on the first day.

In both meetings, the Federation informs that the postponement is due to the lack of sanitary guarantees so that the athletes and the different participants in it can carry out their work without risk of contagion.

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