Zarco: "We were lucky that the bikes didn't touch anyone"

"I was coming from the left and I went a little to the right, which surprised Franco, he touched me and we lost control," says Johann.


Johann Zarco acknowledged that he, too, was scared when he saw the images of his fall with Morbidelli on TV and found that his motorcycles came out like projectiles against Maverick and Rossi, who were not struck by a pure miracle. The best thing the Frenchman did was to take an interest in the Italian as soon as he fell and then tell Rossi that he had not done it on purpose, something that Valentino accused him of on TV and his face in Race Direction. And Morbidelli went even further by calling him a "half murderer" .

This is the Frenchman's version of what happened in the braking of Turn 3 on Lap 9: “Physically I'm fine. The body is fine and I only have a few bumps on my arm and legs. It really was a bad time. In the fall, when I overtook Morbidelli and he was braking and surely it could be because I was coming from the left and I went a little to the right, which surprised Franco, he touched me and we lost control, because at that speed we did not we were able to control the bikes at that time. When we touched, it was the end. He told me it took him by surprise. I can't understand that with speed and then… I was really scared when I fell and when I saw it again, we were really lucky that the bikes didn't touch anyone ”.

You have to believe Zarco when he told Rossi that he did not do this maneuver intentionally, which does not mean that he left Morbidelli without space for reaction and on motorcycles it is sacred to leave space for the leading rider. In Johann's case, it is not the first time that he has been involved in controversial actions. He became known to many when he desperately or madly threw his hand on the brake at Terol crossing the Misano 2011 finish line. In 2018, he threw Pedrosa at Termas de Río Honda and rammed Márquez at the end of the Phillip Island straight. And two Sundays ago he was involved in another maneuver that ended up on the ground with Pol Espargaró, later admitting himself that the sanction was fair and apologizing a few days later to the KTM.

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