Williams lags behind

He has not scored since March 8, is confined for testing positive in the PCR test and seems to have lost the trail of the National Team. Meanwhile, Unai Simón monopolizes covers and praise.


Iñaki Williams has lagged behind at Athletic. The recent call for Unai Simón with La Roja, together with the renewal until 2025 without a termination clause, have put the Alava goalkeeper on the international front line, to the point that he is increasingly on par with the forward as franchise players of the club, in the company of Iñigo Martínez and Raúl García.

The coronavirus has stalled Iñaki, who has not scored since March 8, in Valladolid, before the confinement. From there, everything went wrong. In the eleven games after the resumption he did not see a door and is one of the six Athletic players who are undergoing quarantine at home after having tested positive for the detection of COVID-19. The others affected are Sancet, Unai López, Núñez, Lekue and Larrazabal, practically asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms. They have been working confined to their homes since the 13th, waiting to be subjected to a new PCR test this weekend. As detailed by the head of medical services, Josean Lekue, if they test negative, they must repeat the test after three days so that when they chain two negative results, they can be incorporated normally into the group's discipline.

Iñaki is going to miss half the preseason and will have to catch up when he returns, as he is a very explosive player. Williams, who has the highest contract of the San Mamés club and has only signed six goals in the last League (plus four in the Cup). It has been very far from the records of a veteran like Raúl García. Of course, it adds 156 consecutive games in First. Not one lost since April 2016.

Meanwhile, the Athletic squad has closed the first phase of the preseason before enjoying its first day of rest on Sunday and starting the friendly games in preparation for the 2020-21 campaign next week. For this last weekly session, Gaizka Garitano has organized a full-field match in which on the one hand he has lined up Unai Simon, Capa, Yeray, Areso, Lekue, Vencedor, Zarraga, Iñigo Vicente, Nico Serrano, Kodro and Villalibre. This eleven has faced the one formed by Ezkieta, De Marcos, Sillero, Paredes, Balenziaga, Dani García, Bernaola, Muniain, Morcillo, Ewan Urain and Raúl García.

In this way, Athletic has completed ten days focused on the physical workload combined with routines with the ball, marked by the six positives by covid detected before the start of training and the physical problems of several footballers.

This week Iñigo Martínez and Ibai Gómez have been injured. The international center-back suffered a mild-moderate injury to the right gluteus medius muscle on Tuesday and the Bilbao winger fractured his right clavicle in Wednesday's session. Added to these setbacks are Yuri's pubalgia problems, with a specific plan that is expected to allow him to start the season, and Peru Nolaskoain, who is working on recovering from the sprain he suffered in his right ankle in the last days of his assignment. to Deportivo.

In view of these casualties, the rojiblanco team coach recruited on Tuesday the strikers of the subsidiary Nico Serrano, 17, and Ewan Urain, 20, who have joined a group of which the puppies Jesús Areso, Unai Vencedor, were already part , Oier Zarraga, Jon Morcillo and goalkeeper Ander Iru.

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