Why is Sainz's McLaren slower than Norris's?

An overheating problem has forced them to modify the aerodynamics to cool the MCL35. And it has lost top speed.


Carlos Sainz's McLaren MCL35 is noticeably slower than his teammate, Lando Norris, both in GP qualifying and in Sunday's race. Why? It does not mean that the Woking team is committed to an English pilot and prioritizes the best parts for him, there is no need to resurrect ghosts from the past. It is a mechanical problem that has plagued the Madrid native this weekend: the temperature of his car was excessively high and they had to modify the aerodynamics to cool the area. The downside is that the new openings create more air resistance and the car has lost top speed and some competitiveness. He dropped a tenth in each sector compared to Lando and was among the worst of the day in top speed.

It is explained by James Key, technical director of the team: "A cooling circuit was hotter in Carlos's car and we don't know why, it could be a sensor. It doesn't seem to have to do with the radiators or the air ducts. Sometimes it depends on the driving of a driver and it is something that happens occasionally. Every year there can be a degree or two of difference between the two cars, but in this situation it was a little more than that and we had to put Carlos a 'bodywork' different ".

Sainz regrets it but is satisfied with the feeling behind the wheel and hopes to fight for the points from his 12th place on the grid. After all, he's not far from Norris, 10th. "The car was too hot and knowing that Sunday is going to be hot, and we will be in traffic during the race, we decided to take those precautions that allow us to run hard in the race. Unfortunately it has cost us in qualifying and it will cost us in the race. We cannot know exactly what is happening and we have had to resort to this different aerodynamics, "explains the pilot.

Open strategy and "interesting hard"

For strategy in the race, you can choose the tire with which you will start. "We will think about the strategy at night, the good thing is that we have three tire options to consider and I am open, I do not have any clear in the head that attracts me. I will listen to the strategists. The objective is the points and it will be an interesting race, perhaps the first race to two clear stops that we see in many years. A new situation for this F1, when everything was a stop and managing the wheels. We can go on the attack, it will be more fun. " Verstappen comes out with the hard, what do you think? "The choice of Max and Red Bull is very interesting, we will study what they have seen and why we could do something similar, if necessary. We will analyze it. Unfortunately we do not have the pace that Red Bull has, but it is interesting and we will take a look."

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