Why are Colombians called beetles?

This little insect became popular in the cycling races in which there are Colombians, here we tell you why.

The beetle or beetle is an order of insect that has more than 350 thousand species throughout the world. Some of these species are characterized by climbing almost any surface regardless of its inclination. They do it because they have microscopic hairs on their legs, which enables them to do so.

This is one of the versions by which Colombian cyclists are called beetles in all parts of the world where they run. This way of calling them dates back a long time and became popular in Europe at the time when Lucho Herrera and Fabio Parra made themselves known in the great tours.

However, there are other versions that explain the reason why Colombian runners are called beetles. Here we tell you.

Vuelta a Colombia 1955

In that year, a young Ramón Hoyos competed in the competition when he was only 19 years old. In one of the stages, the cyclist could not handle the rigor of the route and arrived almost two hours later than the other riders. For reasons of competition, the next day he was able to go running again. The Spectator tells it like this.

"There, with his rough, unhealthy and unorthodox style, Ramón caught up with his rivals and reached second place. The peladito was giving the surprise and was already on the heels of the leader, the Frenchman José Beyaert. Ramiro Mejía was going, invaded by joy, with two bottles of brandy. Following, a curve truncated Hoyos's hopes, who crashed headlong into a stone. Mejía picked him up and poured brandy on his kneecap. He had lost three minutes , the same amount with which the French rider won the stage. But the position did not matter: a new legend was born ".

Another was born there too, that of the beetle. "Seeing him reach the finish line, the sports narrator José Enrique Buitrago, seeing everything ruined and crushed by the falls, thought in the midst of emotion: 'He's not a human, he's a grasshopper on a bicycle!' The reality he had said was: 'He's not a human, he's a beetle on a bicycle!' He had mistaken himself for an insect. And the rest is history. "Carlos Arturo Rueda C.

In the same report, El Espectador tells that the other story has the same protagonist on the bicycle, but a different one when he gave the nickname. "There are those who also say that it was the sportscaster Carlos Arturo Rueda who gave him the nickname, also because of Hoyos' great ability to ascend the mountains."

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