Who is Álex Palou, the other Spaniard who competes in the Indianapolis 500

The Catalan reached the cars under the tutelage of Adrián Campos and after giving up the dream of Formula 1, he now shines and dreams of winning in IndyCar.


A couple of weeks ago, the name of Álex Palou began to sound strongly in the orbit of motorsports despite the fact that, really, the Catalan began to be seen long before the 104th edition of the Indianapolis 500 arrived. 23 years ago, in San Antonio Vilamajor (Barcelona), a pilot was born who by level could compete with his contemporary Charles Leclerc in Formula 1 and who, however, had to change the plans that marked his roadmap to continue pursuing a dream that has taken him to the American pageant.

Racing began in Palou's career after family meals with his father and uncle. After each meeting, the flyers became the protagonists and once he reached the asphalt, Adrián Campos discovered a talent that “has the head of Antonio García and the maturity of Alonso”. Curiously, his next rival in a date in which he earned his pass with a career that began with the Spanish mentor in the Euroformula Open during the 2014 season. There the Catalan achieved 3 victories of the 11 times he visited the box and that catapulted him until GP3 with Campos Racing with the Gran Circo always in the background. But getting there doesn't just depend on the pilot and Palou knew how to fit it in.

Away from the daily life of a 23-year-old boy, what he likes "is to run and win races" and that thought led him to compete simultaneously in several championships during 2017. That season Palou had his first contact with the Japanese cars but also, he debuted in Formula 2 again thanks to Adrián Campos, although with Japanese nationality since it was one of the requirements demanded by the Japanese competition to compete. He did not reach the podium in the prelude to F1, but he did reach the European F3 Championship where he finished seventh a year later, to return to Japan and shine in Super Formula.

The rookie of the Japanese competition, who shared the track with pilots like Kobayashi, got rid of that backpack with the Dale Coyne Racing team and aspired to the title until the last race, to continue adding awards to a career not without routines since he disembarked in the karting. Cleaning his shoes, putting on his right glove, a special greeting with his father and getting into the car on the left side in that order, they have always accompanied him to make him the protagonist and candidate, on his own merits, for a victory that can crown the American dream . A year ago he was able to experience "what an Indy race is from the outside" and it was something "really special". How much will not be, with him now as the protagonist.

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