What happens if a player tests positive during the tournament? This is the US Open protocol

The USTA recently explained all its security measures to avoid contagion during the tournament between players and other attendees.


The US Open is about to begin (from August 31 to September 13) and it will do so under strict security measures to avoid contagion by COVID-19 among players, coaching staff, organizers and any other personnel working in the tournament facilities. Here are the details of the security protocol issued by the USTA (United States Tennis Federation):


● All players will travel to New York on their own.

● If you travel to New York and the event is canceled, compensation will be provided for the cost of the event to be determined.

● We have received guarantees from the federal government that you and your team will have no problem entering the country.

● The centralized medical environment for the US Open will begin at the hotel. That is where you and your team will be tested.


TEST ● They will have to take one before traveling and will undergo more during the competition at the hotel.

● The frequency of the tests will be 1 or 2 per week (nasal or saliva), although it is subject to change based on the recommendations of the health authorities.

● Daily temperature measurement and symptom questionnaire.

● If a player tests positive, he will be isolated according to medical protocol.

● All players must wear masks except when training or competing.


● As planned today with local government approval, each player will be allowed two hotel rooms. The cost of the first one will be borne by the US Open.

● All players will have the option to rent a private home outside of Manhattan. The USTA is working with a real estate agent to help players find a home (similar to Wimbledon). The cost of renting this house will be borne by the players (estimated total, about $ 40,000) .

● Additional services for players provided in the hotel: expanded gym, recovery room, private physiotherapy, players room.


● Official transportation will operate between the hotels and the National Tennis Center. The transfer system will consist of a 55 passenger bus with a 25-50% capacity. The driver will be isolated behind a bulkhead. There will be comprehensive cleaning protocols before and after each trip.


● The players restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

● Player Cafe will be available to take out food.

● Meals can be pre-ordered via the mobile app and delivered to players throughout the site.

● Outdoor restaurants will be opened for player use.


● The changing rooms and the use of the gym will be monitored to keep current social distance protocols, disinfection, cleaning and air ventilation.

● Additional outdoor areas are being explored to enable them.

● Showering will be allowed within social distance protocols and with improved cleanliness.

● There will be suites available, such as private areas, for the top 32 seeds, which will be passed on to the next highest ranked players.

● The changing room of the Indoor Tennis Center will also be available.

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