"There was no notice with Sainz ..."

Seidl, head of McLaren, confirms the failure in "the combustion engine" and awaits the analysis of Renault. About the race: "Damage was limited."


Carlos Sainz has only had two earned races out of seven in 2020. Failed team with faulty pit stops (Styria, Hungary and 70th Anniversary), missed fortune with a puncture at Silverstone and mechanics failed with broken Spa- engine Francorchamps. Andreas Seidl, team boss, has so far congratulated himself that they had not had a single technical failure in the car, but the streak was over. The Madrilenian could not even start the race when, through the exhaust, they found that the power unit had become a toaster.

The German engineer expands: "There was no warning, but we have to wait for the analysis of our Renault colleagues. In the data we saw that there was a problem with the combustion engine that damaged the exhausts and now we have to wait, also to understand if it's a terminal failure, it ends the life of this engine. It was his second race so that would be a shame. But I hope we can continue using it. " If components cannot be recovered, it will be a jug of cold water, because Sainz premiered it in Barcelona and would have to resort to the third and last one without penalty. That would force him to go to the back of the grid later this season. "For Carlos it was hard, a great disappointment, he could not even start the race for the second time at Spa and he was prepared to get a result. The disappointment is for the whole team, but it is part of this sport", says Seidl.

"Damages were limited in the race"

The weekend is not enough in the Woking box, although Seidl believes that the race was channeled after the abandonment of Carlos and the bad start of Norris: "The six points at the end (Lando was seventh) they are positive because the damage was limited, but we had a good car with a competitive pace. " It is positive for the staff that the MCL35 responds well to a low downforce circuit like Spa, and how will Monza be: "We want to be third in the constructors' championship and looking forward, it is good that we have a car that can fight against the rivals around us on different circuits, and that we have two drivers capable of taking on this fight ".

Regarding the succession of events, or lack of them, in the race, the McLaren boss assures: "We must be careful with these comments, this year there have been good entertaining races at a stop, exciting. We need to be careful and not fall apart in hasty conclusions. I don't think that Spa was a bad race in front, things were happening. In the end, you have to think that the new rules will bring the grid together ".

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