Verstappen is the resistance

Huge Mad Max win with cool Red Bull strategy and brutal overtake of Bottas. Hamilton was second. Bad pit stop for Sainz, 13th in goal.


He came out of the pit lane Verstappen a foot from Bottas, with new shoes and a desire to dance. He did not detach from the Finn in half a lap, the pilots are not afraid of anything but the Mercedes Viking had to listen to the unmistakable steps of the Dutchman in the background. Mad Max gave him no choice, attacked on the back straight, held the pulse on the outside and passed the car that always won in the tight corners of Brooklands and Luffield. Quixotic came out, he dared with the giants and he found mills. The biggest budding star on the grid feasted on the two Mercedes with a Red Bull Machiavellian strategy and paid homage to F1 itself by winning the 70th Anniversary GP ahead of Hamilton and Bottas, second and third under the checkered flag . What a math show with unpredictable tires, and what a victory for Max.

The victory was forged on Saturday, he qualified with the hard Pirelli and that allowed him to start the race with a different tire. At the start, he overtook Hulkenberg, managed his tools and stood behind Hamilton until he was pressuring him badly. "Stay away a bit, we must take care of the tire," they told him over the radio. He sent them for a ride, hugged and pressed and forced the first forward stop of the two Mercedes. He stayed at the front of the pack, but the wheel Valtteri and Lewis shredded flowed like silk at Red Bull. It was longer, gaining seconds, to the point that he found himself with a free 'pit stop'. He stopped to put on the media and came out paired with Bottas, which did not last half a round. From there you could already see the bottle of champagne.

That second set of tires was short-lived for Verstappen, he mounted it on lap 33 and stopped again at 42 to get back on hard until the end of the race. Bottas was two seconds behind, they took the fight to the pit lane but Red Bull's maneuver was optimal, as always. Hamilton stayed ten laps out, just in case, leading the race in the hope that a safety car would turn the situation around, but there were no incidents, it was a clean grand prix, and he had to give up the crazy strategy. He ducked his head and yielded the first spot on the way to the garage.

In the final sprint, the six-time champion put on a show with a superb overtake over Bottas that earned him silver, albeit a long way from Verstappen. The Dutchman crossed the finish line by recommending his engineers to drink water to avoid dehydration, the message he launched a week earlier in the middle of a boring race. Only he, and Red Bull, knew in the morning that he could win the race. There are some crazy people who have good ideas and Mad Max is the resistance.

Bad 'pit stop', again, for Carlos Sainz

It is fair to underline that Carlos Sainz followed the winning strategy, that of starting hard, and that he fought for points from his 12th position on the grid. The McLaren one went well, gained places and got rid of a Vettel spin that could send him to the grass after the start. He was fighting for a virtual seventh or eighth, but on their first step through the pits the mechanics, again, made a terrible maneuver of about five seconds when it should be less than three. Lando's went well (2.5 and 3.3 seconds), the first from Madrid did not. He came out immersed in traffic and there was a way to overcome it, he finished 13th out of the points. He could have done a lot better, because Charles Leclerc rallied in a big way with the Ferrari going one stop. He passed Albon and the two Racing Points, with Stroll ahead of Hulkenberg. There was tension and alternatives in the middle zone, but this time, at last, the show was ahead.

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