Vallejo, entrenched promise

He arrived four seasons ago, but between injuries and lack of minutes he has not finished exploding. He has a contract with Madrid until June 2025.


Vallejo will play next season on loan at Granada. In other words, one more year, he will not stay at Real Madrid. Four seasons ago, one of the central players with the most projection on the national scene arrived at the Bernabéu, a footballer who despite his youth already wore the Zaragoza and the Under-21 national team armband, but the years have passed and that footballer has not exploded. Bad luck has been a determining factor: injuries have weighed him down excessively. In the 2018-19 season, for example, he had to stay out of the call for 19 days due to muscle pain. He has not had the opportunity to catch up with the cruise, to enjoy regularity. And that in such a young footballer is lethal.

But it was not the only factor. In sports he has not convinced and the result of this is that he has four assignments with bittersweet flavors. The first went to Germany, to Eintracht in Frankfurt, with whom he was an important player, playing 27 games and 2,265 'between all competitions. The second, to Wolverhampton, the most unfortunate of all: Madrid came to break the loan agreement with only 612 'and 7 games in the player's legs. He sent it to Granada, where it has set. Last year, arriving with the season started, he played 881 'and 14 games. The sensations in Los Cármenes were remarkable, so much so that the Nasrid club a few days ago tried his transfer, but the price was too high (Madrid was asking for seven or eight million) and the agreement was finally reduced to a transfer.

De blanco Vallejo has not yet stood out: 1,495 'and 19 games, but not very brilliant performances. Among them, his participation against Juventus in the Champions League, where his outstanding attitude came to the fore, forcing him to play in the absence of Ramos (sanctioned) and Nacho (injured), but also the need for him to have something more filming and regularity before making the jump to the Bernabéu. Madrid lost that night 1-3 and qualified thanks to a goal from Cristiano from a penalty in the 98th minute. With the Madrid team he has scored a goal, against Villarreal on matchday 36 of the 2018-19 season. It does not lack disposition, but it does lack numbers.

He is 23 years old and has a contract until June 2025. Although Madrid could have accepted his sale if someone had offered the requested amount, the fact that in the end it comes out in the form of an assignment opens a door - perhaps the last one - to stay at the Bernabéu. Under the command of Diego Martínez he must explode and remember that player who dazzled four years ago. Take off the label of 'entrenched promise' and become the player you aspired to be. For Vallejo, the moment is now.

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