Valencia wants to renew Gayà, Paulista and Wass

After the catharsis experienced in Valencia by the departures of Parejo and Coquelin, the club wants to move its tab and not give the feeling of a market.


The double exit of Parejo and Coquelin to Villarreal has caused a catharsis in Valencianism that culminated in a peaceful demonstration of about a thousand people, at the gates of Mestalla. It has been a turbulent few days that have made Anil Murthy, the club's president, want to move to put out the fire a bit. For this reason, in the last hours, it has moved to close three operations that César has already begun to move during his journey at the club: the renovations of Gayà, Paulista and Wass, as reported yesterday by Ser Deportivos Valencia.

The three players are very interested in sports. But the idea is to close its renovations soon to give the impression, from the outside, that Valencia is not a market where all teams can fish their best men cheaply.

The most urgent case to close is that of Gayà. The Alicante man looks like he will be the new captain and one of the players on which the project rests. A renewal that ensures the future for several years, putting the chip at the level of those who earn the most in the dressing room, is Meriton's bet. They want to close it before the start of the course. Likewise, Paulista is a player in whom clubs have been interested. The idea is to increase the length of his contract beyond 2022 and give him gallons.

Cillessen and Rodrigo, in the market

If Gayà and Paulista are two footballers on whom Meriton wants to rest the new Valencia project, Cillessen and Rodrigo are two footballers that the board wants to sell in this market. They are two different cases. That of the goalkeeper has no other destination than an exit, if it can be in the form of a transfer. His high salary makes the club want to take him out to the highest bidder. The idea is to take it out and have a goal at zero cost such as Pepe Reina. Rodrigo is also in the market but this year, as reported by AS, he has decided not to be the one to move. In case of not finding a destination, he would stay in Valencia de Gracia.

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