Unicaja held their first group training at Carpena

Unicaja did his first group training in a strange preseason marked by the COVID-19 tests. Waczynski and Darío Brizuela spoke


Unicaja carried out its first group training of the 2020-21 season after having given the entire squad negative in the coronavirus tests. With the only absence of Volodymyr Gerun, who after arriving a day later in Malaga is waiting for the results of his second PCR to come out, Luis Casimiro has been able to train on the Martín Carpena main court after five months without doing so.

In words provided by the official club media Adam Waczynski commented. “We haven't been to the Carpena in five months. Its alot. The truth is that I missed this place a lot, I'm very happy to be training here again. I am happy that being here in Malaga is the most important thing for me, that I have signed a new contract. I am very happy, very happy. ”

The tests. “The first days have been a bit weirder because of the coronavirus test. We couldn't train from day one but now we are here together training and preparing for the preseason. You have to be mentally prepared. All players in the world prefer to play matches to train. These two weeks are very important to be at your best in the future. You have to train very hard. ”

Arrival of Abromaitis. “It is very positive, it will help us all. It will be much easier, we also have Tim, who is a good boy and I think he will help in the dressing room and on the court. ”

Darío Brizuela

The San Sebastian escort, Darío Brizuela, also spoke. “It is very good to return here especially to a team in which we practically follow more than half of the players. It's the first time I have that. It's very nice to go back and see the people you've talked to over the summer and have a good relationship. Enchanted with life. ”

Your vacation. “I have been in San Sebastián with family and friends. Not in the traditional ways but by being careful. I missed Malaga, especially Carpena, so I'm very happy. ”

Sensations. “This is rare, because you are used to arriving the day before and starting to train and this time it was different. You arrive, the next day you have to take a test, the next the medical examination, then in the afternoon you have to try to be at home and not have contact with people because the test loses value. It was weird, but the first day has already arrived, we are all very happy to be here and now to see if we can chain many weeks without any mishaps. The preseason is what we like least but it is very important, you have to go little by little, without the intention of doing everything right now. We want to get to the preseason games in good condition and to do that we have to work well from now on. ”

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