Two international finalists for the naming rights of the Camp Nou

Four months after announcing that the Estadi would have a surname for the first time in its history, the Barça club is at the end of the election process.


Two international firms, it is not clear whether or not based in Catalonia, are the finalists in the race to give the Camp Nou a surname in the 2020-21 season. Barça expects to announce in the next few days who is the winner of a contest that, in the first season, will have charitable purposes. Not in vain, Barça will allocate the money from the naming rights to research projects against Covid-19.

The process to give the Camp Nou a surname is thus in its final phase four months after the start was announced. Then, Barça assured that in two months there would be a winner for the contest, but that has not happened.

The Barça Foundation, through the Barça club's commercial area, opened a process on April 21 to find a sponsor who would like to acquire the Camp Nou title rights for an amount that will be used to finance research projects and initiatives aimed at fighting against the effects of Covid-19, both locally and internationally. Barça pointed out that, in any case, the transfer for one season was compatible with the future commercialization of the title rights of the future Camp Nou to finance the Espai Barça project, as approved by the Club members in the referendum held in 2014. In fact, during the selection process it was specified that the firm that won the contest could have a right of first refusal with a view to the 2021-22 season, when the proceeds will go to Barça's box in full.

In the selection process, the Catalan company Grifols rang out, but the club has denied that it has options and insists that only two international companies have options. The answer to all the unknowns, soon.

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