Tour director asks spectators to wear masks

In an interview with Nice-Matin Christian Prudhomme made this request to the fans to avoid possible infections by coronavirus during the French round.


The director of the Tour de France, Christian Pruddhomme, wanted to appeal to all those spectators who come to see the race from August 29 to September 20 to guarantee the safety of the riders, the teams and the public before the coronavirus threat

In an interview with the French media Nice-Matin Prudhomme asked spectators who come to the race to wear a mask during the route. "Except for departures and arrivals, there may be people throughout each stage of the Tour. I ask all those who go to wear the mask. If you really love the Tour and its champions, I ask you to wear the mask when you are standing on the road cheering for the runners ".

Prudhomme also put limits on riders signing autographs or taking photos with spectators. "This is not the time to do that. It will happen the same as in the Grand Slam or the Champions League final. I don't see Federer or Messi signing autographs the morning before the game," said the Tour director.

Thierry Gouvenou spoke in a similar vein, giving more details about the protocols to be developed in the race. "It's very simple. We create a bubble with the teams with little interaction with the media, guests and fans. There will be no access to the bus area at departures and arrivals and there will only be a mixed area for interviews. In addition, We will put a limit on the access of people to the finish line. The presence of fans will not be allowed at the refreshment station and on the podium there will be no interaction between cyclists and local sponsors or politicians ".

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