Todt bets on the return of Indianapolis to F1

The president of the FIA, from the circuit, assured that "it would be very good for the category and that it has all the ingredients of a Formula 1 headquarters".


Jean Todt does not rule out the return of Formula 1 to Indianapolis. The president of the International Automobile Federation was with Roger Penske on the circuit for the 104th edition of the Indianapolis 500 and was asked about a possible return to the Grand Circus, to which the Frenchman replied that "he has all the ingredients of a Formula 1 seat ".

The FIA chief executive made a tour of all the facilities last Saturday. Todt was "impressed" with the reforms that Roger Penske, current owner of the IndyCar and the circuit since last year, is carrying out. "Roger Penske and his group have taken the lead, and I was very impressed with what I saw this morning. All the improvements have been made in a very short time; Roger has already accomplished a lot with facilities that were already very impressive," he reflected. in statements to Motorsport.

The Indianapolis circuit was the headquarters of the United States GP from 2000 to 2007. Great duels were experienced in the oval, such as Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in its last edition and Todt, who was Ferrari team leader during all those big prizes, he showed his predisposition to a possible comeback: "Indianapolis is a kind of Silicon Valley of motor racing in the US, so of course, if the Formula 1 commission proposed to have a race in Indianapolis, it would be very good for category ".

Todt also commented on the looming rule change in the WEC and the possibility that the Penske team could enter the championship with the new LMDh prototypes for 2022/2023: "Not something that we discussed directly, but clearly the agreement that ACO did with IMSA, it is very positive. Hopefully it will generate more interest from the teams who could then decide to compete in the highest category of the new regulation. I feel it would be great. Specifically on Roger Penske, he has achieved some amazing achievements in motorsports , and to have their contribution to endurance racing [in Europe] would be absolutely sensational. But I hope more American teams will join the WEC in the future. "Regarding the pandemic and the decision to run behind closed doors, the President of the FIA highlighted the effort that all the championships are making: "I think it is remarkable and commendable to see all the efforts that have been made in different championships: in the Formula 1, in Formula E, in endurance, in IndyCar and in all categories of motorsport, to make motorsport alive again at this time. The easy solution would be to wait until life returns to normal, but not we know when it will be. Therefore, it is essential to restart the activity and I congratulate all the work that has been done, including, of course, in Indianapolis ".

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