Tisma: Real Madrid's 'new Kukoc' imitates Kevin Durant

The Croatian will have a record with the first team. His idol is Curry and Doncic was his mentor when he arrived in Madrid. Garuba's generation partner.


Real Madrid 2020-21 was officially launched yesterday amid complicated planning: Alberto Abalde has arrived but the signing of Ante Zizic was twisted and Facundo Campazzo works with the group with his mind on the NBA. But in Pablo Laso's group there is a reason for optimism, of course for the future. Boris Tisma, one of the jewels of the white quarry, will have a record with the first team. He will wear the number 35 and will thus continue his debut under Laso, on January 12 against Estudiantes. He played 46 seconds and scored his first basket in the ACB. At the age of 17, he became the thirteenth squad player to make his debut with Pablo Laso. He came from averaging more than 13 points per game with the EBA League team.

Tisma, who turned 18 in February, is a forward of just over two meters born in Zagreb, excellent pedigree, and trained at Dubrava. In 2015 he made the leap to the lower categories of Real Madrid, where Luka Doncic acted as a mentor for a boy who in a few months was already speaking Spanish fluently. Two summers ago, he rose to the top of the 2018 U-16 European Championship in Novi Sad, where he scored 24 points in the final against Spain (71-70) and entered the Best Quintet with averages of 18 points, 5 rebounds and 2, 7 assists. His role in the final left the Spain of his teammate at Real Madrid, Usman Garuba, without gold. At that time, the Real Madrid website referred to him like this: “Pure talent, an outside player with versatility, good physique, shooting ability and quality to play one-on-one and great pass reading. He dreams of playing in the NBA, as his idol is Stephen Curry ”. In Croatia he has been considered the new Toni Kukoc since he emerged as one of the jewels of the future of one of the countries with the longest basketball tradition in Europe.

His jump to Real Madrid came, in 2015, with the blessing of his parents, who were also basketball players: "Someday I would like to play in the first team," he said. He has already done so, but now he will also have continuity in Pablo Laso's group. Doncic acted as a guide, gave him a pair of shoes and helped him in some training sessions in which Tisma tried to replicate movements of Kevin Durant. Together with Garuba, a generation partner, he wreaked havoc as a cadet (two Spanish championships in two years, the Minicopa and the Children's Spanish Championship in 2016 and the Spanish championship and the Junior Euroleague of 2019, in whose final the MVP was Mario Nakic, today on loan at Belgian Ostend.

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