Tiger's son wins a 9-hole tournament with a 5-stroke lead

Charlie Woods, the youngest of the Tigre's two sons, prevailed at age 11 in a Florida tournament where he dominated and won with a wide advantage.


Charlie Woods, Tiger's son, begins to give his first roars in golf. The youngest of his two sons is one of the reasons why El Tigre plays less and less tournaments. Charlie is taking his first steps in the sport in which his father has made history, and Tiger often accompanies him in the events that he disputes.

Last week, Charlie played a tournament in Hammock Creek, Florida. In the event, belonging to the South Florida Tour, Tiger's 11-year-old son destroyed his rivals and won with a five-stroke lead. As if that were not enough, the competition consisted only of nine holes, in which the little one from the Woods signed 33 strokes for a total of -3.

Tiger's little boy has an incredible swing at his age, plus he has the best mentor possible by his side. "He's starting to get the hang of it. He starts to understand how to play, he asks me what is appropriate. He reminds me a lot of me and my father when I was little, I wish I had his movement. I analyze his swing all the time. I wish I could rotate, turn my head and do the positions that he does, but those days are over and I have to relive them through him, "Tiger told GolfTV about his son a few months ago.

Now, Tiger Woods prepares for The Northern Trust, the first of the three FedExCup playoff events, which kicks off this Thursday and in which the winner of fifteen majors has already confirmed his presence. His objective is to climb the maximum possible positions to continue contesting the qualifying rounds, and from there, prepare for the US Open, for which he has already been seen training together with Justin Thomas at Winged Foot, the field where the tournament.

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