This is Inter: verticality under the stamp of Antonio Conte

The Milanese team made their way to the final thanks to Lukaku's power and defensive reliability. His 3-5-2 is practically untouchable.


Inter Milan sneaked into the final of this Europa League under the unmistakable stamp of its coach, an Antonio Conte who broke into the Italian team last summer to seek the leap in quality that could push to levels that were not reached in courses past. The checkbook was once again key in the search for growth: more than 190 million euros in the construction of a team that had reinforcements in all its positions. From the arrival of defender Diego Godín to striker Romelu Lukaku. Many question Conte's work due to a clear circumstance: he had the fight to win this Serie A in his hands and finally returned the award to a Juventus that was much less incisive than in the past. He conceded less in this Europa League: he was reliable in the first phase and after confinement he threw efficiency to eliminate Getafe, Bayer Leverkusen and Shakhtar Donetsk with the special brilliance of Lukaku. Its verticality, under the seal of Conte, is his best guarantee to search for the title.

A style of play supported by the solid 3-5-2

Conte bet on a 3-5-2 since his arrival at Inter. He trusted in the potential of his centrals, with De Vrij and Godín protagonists in this Europa League before the irregularity of Skriniar. His idea of the game is very similar to the one he led with the Italian national team in Euro 2016, in which his team eliminated the Spanish team. There he shone with his 3-5-2 marked by that center of the defense composed of the rear of Juventus. The force predominates in its core and above the couple formed by Lukaku and Lautaro Martínez has a certain reflection of that composed by Pellé and Eder. Conte's team manages match times well, they showed it against Getafe and Bayer Leverkusen when more complications entered the scene. Perhaps some creativity is lacking in your machine zone while you wait for Eriksen to start this scheme.

The perfect understanding of Lukaku and Lautaro

Inter bet 76 million euros in summer for Lukaku to be their attacking man. The numbers show that he was right: 31 goals to his credit, by 19 from his partner in attack, a Lautaro Martínez who understands perfectly with the Belgian. One seeks depth and another supports the center of the field in construction. They are associated almost by heart. One applies his strength and the other his technique. Both reflect great tactical intelligence on the pitch.

Constant lane depth by Conte

The Inter coach always enjoyed constant lane arrivals and that is why his system relies on this principle as the basis for everything. He started the course with Candreva being decisive and now it is D'Ambrosio and Ashley Young who sign regularly on those sides. The team learned to use this weapon in every way: they surprise in attack and show solidarity in the defensive effort. That is also part of the Conte brand.

The enigma of the figure of a creator

At Inter de Conte, many assume their role of inventing under the forced verticality. Perhaps that figure did not work in previous years with specialists in creation. Perhaps this Inter will not be able to fit a Banega who already tried his luck several seasons ago without being able to expose his best level of play. Borja Valero signed dream months and now others are in charge of taking the reins of the core in this Europa League. Barella and Gagliardini teach resources that convince Conte. Both are Brozovic's squires in a midfield that tends to multiply doubts about the figure of a creator.

The physicist, an ever-present resource

It is enough to look at his centrals and his striker to see that every set piece can be a nightmare for his rivals. Conte knows it, he does not hesitate to turn many set pieces into strategy weapons. Lukaku is the great differentiator: almost no opponent manages to stop his ability to protect the ball or to generate spaces with his movements.A multiplied level of individual confidence

This Inter works without a proper name in charge, no matter how much Lukaku focuses the gaze of the block. The Europa League drew a renewed panorama regarding the closing of the League. In the last 16 games they only suffered two defeats, both in Serie A, while the emergence of some footballers and the desire to demonstrate was an upward incentive. Eriksen, arrived in the winter market, wants to make a difference in his appearances. Alexis Sánchez managed to get them to place full trust in him and will continue to be part of the next project after Manchester United let him go. Lautaro knows that his role as a decisive piece in the search for a title can be his best passport to make the leap to another League.

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