There is still no agreement with the calendar: AFE censors the 27-D

The union has communicated to LaLiga and the RFEF that this date, proposed in case of suspensions, would not make it possible to comply with the footballers' vacations.


The Association of Spanish Footballers has starred in the institutional information of this Thursday in Spanish football. First, it has proposed to LaLiga, RFEF and CSD a League of 26 teams for the Second Division in the 2020-21 season, as a solution to the problems created by the Fuenlabrada Case and, in addition, it has sent its clarifications to the proposed calendar to all affected parties by the employer for the next course. The union does not share the decision to set matches on December 27, 2020 because the footballers' vacations (21 days) would not be respected, already quite reduced by the conditions of this last campaign (there are still teams competing) .

LaLiga had initially set that December 27 in case it was necessary to recover matches in case of postponement. Thus, for the first time there would be football in the middle of Christmas, as in England. The employers are aware that the coronavirus will continue to be present in our lives for a long time and I wanted to be proactive. This plan, especially with these problems, is still under study by the Federation, which will be the one that has to give the approval to the sketch within the Coordination Agreement with LaLiga before proceeding to the calendar draw before the end of August.

AFE goes beyond its refusal to 27-D. He has transferred by letter to LaLiga and the RFEF that the matches played on December 22 (Tuesday, corresponding to matchday 15) and December 30 (matchday 16), as an exceptional case, must be played according to the criteria of proximity or even avoiding displacement of the teams. Such is their interest that at Christmas the players can spend as much time as possible with their families who ask that the first day of Copa del Rey, which starts on December 16 (Wednesday), can be brought forward as much as possible, with the 15 as a stop to finish those first qualifiers. The priority objective is that the day of the following weekend ends as soon as possible and thus there are eight days between those games of December 19, 20, 21 or 22 and the one of December 30. In Second there is no such problem because it will be played until the 22 and then already on January 3. The Federation also has things to say to the calendar proposed by the Federation, although its intention is not to pronounce itself until the eliminatory of the promotion phase between Elche and Girona ends. A meeting between the parties is expected early next week. What is clear is that time is running out and you must organize the calendar draw. An event this that still does not have a date to take place in Las Rozas since the playoff ends this Sunday and what will happen with Fuenlabrada, Deportivo, Numancia and even with Extremadura and Racing after judicializing the case the proposal of 26 teams that has been well received by clubs and other leaders ... 444 444Madrid, on the 2nd matchday; Atleti and Barça, in the 3rd

As AS announced last Tuesday, LaLiga approved in its Division Boards to start on September 12, to be able to finish on May 23 and leave plenty of time for the teams to prepare for the Eurocup that was due play this summer and that was postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus crisis. In turn, the idea is that the First teams in European positions start later. Madrid and Getafe on September 19; Barça, Atlético and Sevilla on the 26th. There will also be a special sensitivity to the Second Division teams that have played in the playoffs. Elche and Girona will start the course on 26-S.

In this calendar approved by LaLiga, which has yet to be approved by the RFEF, it is also noted that on a weekend in January (14, 15, 16 and 17) the Spanish Super Cup (Real Madrid, Barça, Real and Athletic) and that two Copa del Rey finals will have to be played, the one pending this year between Real and Athletic (there are those who propose April 4 but there is nothing official) and next season (April 17 April 2021) .

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