The US Open requires tennis players to sign a document that exempts them from possible "death"

Players who want to enter the New York 'bubble' must renounce taking legal action in the event of COVID infection or death.


While the withdrawal of Stanislas Wawrinka to play the US Open (August 31-September 13) joined those of Rafa Nadal, Nick Kyrgios or Ashleigh Barty, the draconian document that the USTA (United States Federation) leaked through Twitter It will force tennis players who enter the New York 'bubble' to sign.

In it, the USTA washes its hands. With the signature, the player exempts the organization from full responsibility for a possible contagion and even a hypothetical death.

"I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk, including death, that may happen to me or others who come in contact with me, as a result of my presence on the premises, whether due to the negligence of the NTC (National Tennis Center) or else". Under that paragraph, among others, the signature of conformity must be stamped. The player also waives with his consent to carry out any legal action against the organization.

Conditions that, together with the strict confinement measures between an airport hotel and the playing field, generate many doubts for tennis players. To which is added the uncertainty about possible quarantines on the return to Europe, where the circuit would continue.

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