The transfer of Darwin Núñez will break all records

Brighton and Benfica are leading the way in their signing. The English team has made an offer of 25 kilos plus bonus, to be paid in two years. The Uruguayan international prefers Benfica.


Darwin Núñez will become the most expensive movement in Second Division history. Almería, which last summer sold the top scorer in the category for a kilo (the same amount that this year asks for the third goalkeeper), will make history by exceeding the 22 million euros that Chelsea paid 20 years ago to Atlético. That of the charrúa will not only be the most expensive sale, but the movement, since the most copious sale was that of Oliveira (10 kilos in 2008) .

Brighton has overtaken Benfica these days. This weekend emissaries from the English club (also from Benfica) have met with red and white representation. 'The seagulls' have offered 25 million euros plus a bonus, when less than a week ago they put 18 kilos on the table plus seven in variables.

Benfica's offer is practically similar, since the Portuguese go for 22 million more players. Of course, Almería prefers money to footballers, being Diogo Gonzalçes the only one to Gomes' taste and the winger does not want to play in the Second Division. The parties are also clashing in the time of payment of the transfer, since Benfica intends to divide the amount in five years and the UDA puts a maximum of 24 months.

Darwin likes the Lisbon option and, according to 'Record', he has already reached an agreement with the club chaired by Luís Filipe Vieira, reluctant to raise his offer and trusting that the UDA will accept the player's wish. Inter, Naples, Wolfsburg and Leipzig (the last two offered 23 million) are still on the prowl.

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