The Thunder continue to add against the limp Wizards

The team led by Chris Paul had no problem beating the Wizards who do not play anything and looms for fourth place for the Rockets.


The Thunder continue their business. Without a spectacularly brilliant game and unfinished to start in the bubble, they are very close to the Rockets in the fourth position of the West. And, if the Jazz allow it, they could have before them one of the most exciting qualifying rounds of the first round, with the morbid included that involves seeing Chris Paul face his former team, from which he left through the back door and with audiences and Notorious problems with James Harden, that star that generates so many conflicting opinions in the average fan of the League.

For now, the win against the Wizards puts them 3-2 in the bubble, and without a stellar performance, Chris Paul has managed to guide his team to another victory. 13 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists for him, who has also scored 3 of 4 in triples and continues with an outside reliability that is giving many returns to Billy Donovan's men. Against the Wizards, Gilgeous-Alexander went at 18 + 6 + 7, Gallinari at 20, Bazley at 23 and Diallo at 13, with 14 from Muscala. In total, up to six players above 10 points, with Dort adding 9 and 10 rebounds. In other words, a new choral exhibition that has become the watchword of one of the most dangerous teams for the playoffs in the West.

The Thunder were already in command in the first period 32-23, and already at halftime they had a comfortable enough advantage (64-48) that they dedicated themselves to managing in the remainder of the game. Without suffering, they beat some limp Wizards (0-6 in the bubble in the absence of facing Bucks and Celtics) who no longer play anything and who barely counted on 19 points from Jerome Robinson, their most outstanding man. OKC continues to win integers in a season in which they are being one of the revelations, and they scare at the unknown of the bubble, without anyone knowing what is going to happen or how the stoppage will affect the dynamics of the franchises. There will be the Thunder, to take advantage of the slightest weakness. And with Chris Paul at the helm, of course.

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