The tears of Jesús Navas, from the goal of Puerta to that of De Jong

The palace began to cry as soon as Brych whistled. He gave the pass that eliminated Schalke 04 in 2006 and assisted De Jong 14 years later. He wants a title as a captain.


Jesús Navas had given De Jong the sevillista winning goal, experienced tremendous tension throughout the match. Felix Brych whistled the end and the palace who will play to lift his first title in Sevilla as captain, burst into tears. He couldn't hold back his tears, the joy of all sevillismo. Navas, the same one who had given the goal pass to Antonio Puerta in the 2006 semifinals to beat Schalke and reach the first continental final in Nervion history. The legend of the Duende is enlarged.

Navas already knows what it is to win the Europa League with Sevilla. It did so in 2006 and 2007, when it was then called the UEFA Cup. Now the palace wants to relive that glory with the team of his life and lift the title to the sky of Cologne, where the final will be played, against Inter or Shakhtar, next Friday, August 21.

"We are very excited every time we play in the Europa League. It is a unique situation and we want to reach the final. In these difficult times that we are all experiencing, winning the Europa League would be great for the fans and for all of us. It would also be great. It is special for me, as captain and as someone from Seville, to lift the trophy ", Navas had confessed this week to the official UEFA website. He has already fulfilled, and cried for it, the first part of that dream.

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