The Strava data: La Colmiane, Turini and Èze, peaks for amateurs and professionals

The three scoring climbs of the first big stage are common areas for cycling with more than 5,000 attempts registered on Strava in each of them.


The Tour de France faces its first contact with the mountains this Sunday at several of the most famous peaks near Nice. Some roads that, in addition to the many professionals who reside in the area, are also very frequented by Strava users, as shown by the data from this social network.

The first climb of the day will be the Col de la Colmiane, first class with its 16 kilometers at an average 6% slope, a maximum altitude of 1,483 meters and a vertical drop of 986 meters. Almost 4,500 athletes have dared a climb that records about 5,500 ascent attempts. The average ascent time between all activities is 1:23:00 at a speed of 12.22 km / h. Some figures that if we talk about professionals are reduced by half from 53:34 to 17.8 km / h. Tiesj Benoot has the absolute fastest time or KOM with 39:18 after climbing to 24.6 km / h on March 14, while the best female time is Emmanuelle Fiorangela since 2018 with 57:48. According to Strava, the Local Legend of this climb has completed the ascent 5 times in the last 90 days.

Another of the ascents of the day is Col de Turini, first class with its 14.8 kilometers at 7% with a maximum altitude of 1,605 meters and a drop of 1,093 meters. 6,790 athletes have dared to climb in 9,226 attempts with an average climb time of 1:26:20 at a speed of 10.81 km / h, which in professional figures drops to 56:01 to an average of 15 , 7 km / h. Jack Haig has the KOM on this climb since 2019 with 40:48 after ascending at an average of 21.8 km / h. Meanwhile, the best female time is for Linda Linhart since 2018 with 55:37. To be a Local Legend in Col de Turino you must exceed 10 efforts in the last 90 days.

The last scoring climb of the day is Col d 'Èze, second category with its 7.7 kilometers at 6% with a maximum altitude of 492 meters and a drop of 477 meters. 10,877 people have made an ascent that registers more than 31,200 attempts and that is usually completed at an average of 34:50 with a speed of 13.95 km / h, while the professionals ascend in 26:22 at an average of 17, 9 km / h. Romain Bardet has had the KOM since 2016 with a time of 17:21 at an average of 26.9 km / h, while the QOM has been owned by Stephanie Drevet since 2015 with a time of 23:35. To be a Local Legend in Col d'Èze, you must complete 25 efforts in the last 90 days.

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