The squad passed the PCR and the preseason begins on Wednesday

Óscar García has summoned the 23 players from the first team and 7 footballers from the subsidiary to return to training at A Madroa.


The new Celta project will start up next Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at the A Madroa sports facilities. Óscar has summoned the 23 players from the first team and seven players from the subsidiary for that first training session. All of them went yesterday to the Clinic of A Sede to undergo the PCR test, an essential procedure in this new Covid era.

Rubén Blanco, Sergio, Iván Villar, Hugo Mallo, Kevin, Aidoo, Araújo, Sáenz, Olaza, Juncà, Beltrán, Okay, Tapia, Denis, Pione Sisto, Juan Hernández, Vadillo, Brais Méndez, Santi Mina, Nolito and Aspas are the members of the first team, while Raúl García, Iago Domínguez, Pampín, Fontán, Solís, Gabri Veiga, Iker Losada, Miguel Rodríguez and Lautaro de León will attend as representatives of the subsidiary.

Although the intention of the club was to open the new sports city of Mos this preseason, the truth is that Oscar's pupils will have to exercise at the A Madroa facilities due to the enormous delay suffered by Mouriño's project. The first appointment will be in the evening (6:00 p.m.) and the attraction will be at the premiere of Tapia and Vadillo with the light blue shirt.

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