The 'teacher' Raúl takes care of La Fábrica

The former captain of Real Madrid has triumphed in the Youth League and raises young people in European success, as Marselle well illustrates.


The captain has returned to playing metal with Real Madrid. Raúl González acknowledged years ago in an interview with AS that his version of coach had not yet come out. "I still have not completely taken him out. But in the field with the kids I enjoy a lot," he said. To this day, he enjoys and triumphs as his triumph in the Youth League, the youth Champions, certified with the most select from the Factory. Raúl, again, commanding in Europe.

Real Madrid works as a quarry of players (the nickname of the Factory does not come for nothing) and also, of coaches for their first team. If the plan with Zinedine Zidane could not go better, Raúl does not promise less. The one who was seven targets has managed to triumph in Europe and the club sees him as a future candidate for the first team bench.

This first success of the coach with a masked Florentino Pérez watching his 'baby' holding the Youth League trophy stars in one of the latest cartoons of Marseille (@yesnocse on Twitter and Instagram), an illustrator who accurately reflects the most rabid current affairs sport

With a little more focus on Real Madrid, he does not hesitate to reflect the latest successes of Spanish football such as Diego Carlos' Chilean who gave Sevilla the sixth Europa League a few days ago. Of course, as a good cartoonist of current affairs, he is not lacking in sharpness when it comes to 'criticizing' from humor. Now, the Messi case and everything that happened in Can Barça has given him material for a few comic strips. Like good center-backs, he scratches hard and down but with nobility.

Koeman dressed as an astronaut to do 'cleaning', Messi as Rodin's 'The Thinker' or Zidane as Di Caprio in Titanic clinging to the LaLiga table after falling in the port of Manchester with captain Guardiola without seeing the Rhone iceberg that came ahead have been other samples of what gives the actuality of itself to transform it into an ironic drawing.

With 36,000 followers on Twitter, where it began with a Zidane stranded in Loch Ness after drawing in Butarque, and almost 12,000 on Instagram, few escape the pencils of a Marseille whose cartoons, a classic genre of journalism, have gone from paper to running on the net retweet to retweet.

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