The Raptors suffer but avoid another bomb in the fourth quarter

The Nets were ahead until 9 minutes to go. There the Raptors got serious. Norman Powell's huge game from the bench (24 + 6).


Toronto Raptors is not willing to have the same thing happen to him as the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers. He wants to finish his tie on the fast track and avoid any kind of shock. So they go 2-0 after two games played against the Nets. For this reason, because they are better than their rival and because they knew how to suffer in the second match of the series, in which they were only ahead on the scoreboard for 33 seconds before the final 9 minutes. That was the turning point at which the current champion began to look like it. They brought out their defense and their choral game in attack and, although the Nets did not give up until the last possession, that was when the Raptors began to control a game that until then had never been in their hand.

The lesson for the Brooklyn team is sad. They played the best possible game with the weapons they have at the moment and they didn't give their rival to win either. Undoubtedly this is the path they have to follow from now on and for the duration of the tie, while moving as far as possible from the image offered in the first match, in which they received the third highest score in the history of the franchise. Playing like this may scratch the Raptors at some point, but even playing like this it doesn't seem likely that they can lift a series that seemed lost before it started. And that they limited themselves to doing what they know and executing it well, when they escaped on the scoreboard and when their rival approached, showing an unexpected cool head in this group. They even forced Nick Nurse to eliminate Marc Gasol from the equation, completely surpassed by the game and by Jarrett Allen (14 + 15 + 5 and 3 blocks), who left him in evidence almost in every pick and roll. The Spaniard even saw a technique for protesting after being whistled a few steps, a gesture that was the result of desperation to see how things would not turn out. Marc will have time to be important before more substantial rivals. Against the Nets, for the type of game they raised, it may not be the tie in which he will shine the most. Even Ibaka (9 + 8), who gave his team another air as soon as he left, also saw the last minutes from the bench, leaving Siakam as an inside reference.

It was Norman Powell who took the place left free by the Spanish centers in the starting five, and he did so with good reason. Coming off the bench it was a real whirlwind that finished with 24 points and 6 rebounds. Maximum score for his team equaled with a Fred VanVleet much more failed than the first day and who did not start until after the break, but who had a couple of streaks that were key, first to keep his team in the game and then to help to consolidate the final advantage. The one who united Powell's moments with those of VanVleet and really pulled the Raptors during almost the entire game was Kyle Lowry (21 + 9), who apart from the numbers again riled up everyone who defended and breathed spirit into a group that for many minutes did not seem to have their day. So, with a few more doubts than expected, but the Raptors are where we all saw them. With a pristine 2-0 after the first two games.

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