The peloton turns to Fabio Jakobsen for his 24th birthday

Many cyclists and race organizers congratulated the Dutch cyclist, who is recovering from the serious injuries he sustained on the Tour of Poland.


Fabio Jakobsen celebrates his 24th birthday on Monday almost a month after being 'born again' after the serious fall he suffered in the Tour of Poland after crashing into the goal hurdles when he was closed in full sprint.

The Dutchman from the Deceuninck Quick-Step recovers at home from the serious injuries he suffered to his face, as revealed by its director Patrick Lefevere, who stated that the cyclist only had one tooth left and that his vocal cords were paralyzed in addition to having had 130 stitches in the face.

Jakobsen will now start a tough and long recovery to go back to racing and his birthday wishes are also a major boost of morale for this challenge. One of the most special congratulations came from Tour de France leader and Deceuninck Quick-Step partner Julian Alaphilippe. "Hello Fabio. I send you a lot of love and I wish you a happy birthday. Keep fighting, we really want to see you again" .

The Vuelta a España also wanted to add to the congratulations, with a very special reason, since the Dutchman won the last stage of the test last year. "Congratulations to the last stage winner at La Vuelta, Fabio Jakobsen, on his 24th birthday. We wish you a speedy recovery!" Jakobsen hopes that the next congratulations he receives after his 24th birthday will be for returning to racing and for achieving more victories upon his return to racing.

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