The Kings overwhelm the Lakers' second unit

Walton's men say goodbye to the bubble with a victory against the Lakers without Davis, Caruso or Kuzma. Vogel's men went from winning by 10 at the end of the first quarter to putting 16 in the second.


The Kings bid farewell with honor. Luke Walton's men leave the bubble after winning with solvency against the Lakers, who, although they played at half gas, let slip an income of 10 points. From the outset, Vogel decided to do without Anthony Davis, Alex Caruso, Kyle Kuzma or Caldwell-Pope. The good news for the New Jersey coach is that he can count on Rajon Rondo heading into the playoffs. The Lousville base is already in the bubble serving the pertinent 4-day quarantine. All those absent would be joined by a LeBron that Vogel had already said before the start that he would only use in the first half.

The annotation numbers already say it all. Despite only playing just over 14 minutes, James ended up being the Lakers' second leading scorer with 17 points, behind Dion Waiters, and his numbers left much to be desired after a very bad second quarter in which he failed several shots called under the rim. The first quarter was clearly for Vogel's men, a huge success from outside, with 8 triples of 14 attempts, and a partial breaker in the last minutes of 15-5. However, all the physical waste in defense and the external success that they had in the first quarter was diluted with noise in the next 12 minutes.

The Lakers stayed at 16 points in the second quarter and the Kings' comeback took on heroic overtones in the second quarter. Walton's men arrived at halftime with a 60% accuracy in field goals and 39.1% from outside, a percentage that grew 12% in the second 12 minutes. Much of the blame was on Buddy Hield, who with 14 points in the second quarter left as the Kings' leading scorer at halftime.

The income and little sporting stimulus for Vogel's men turned the second half into a military walk for those in Sacramento. They continued to be successful in their static attacks and managed to bring out the weapon from the outside game, thanks to Bogdanovic and Hield who reached 12 minutes to go with 25 points each, in the fourth quarter they only scored 2 and 3 points respectively against the final rotations in Sacramento. Walton's men continued to grow from the outside, moving to caress the scoring of one out of every two triples thrown, and finished the third quarter 23 points up.

An income that the Lakers already saw as irremovable heading into the fourth quarter. Despite this, Vogel's men won the last quarter and slightly washed their defensive image. From the game, Vogel will be able to draw positive conclusions from both Markieff Morris, with 14 points in 19 minutes, and Dion Waiters, with good shooting percentages and 19 points to his credit. Two players who took advantage of the context and the opportunity to try to win minutes in the playoff.

The Lakers end in this way with 4 losses in the last 5 games, a streak that is due to the poor physical condition of some of Vogel's props and the low motivation that the players could have to face 8 games that were presented as irrelevant. Now, they will have to wait for the rival and be aware of how the play-in in the West is resolved to know what will be the first obstacle facing the 17th ring. For their part, the Kings leave the bubble and end the season with 31 wins and 41 losses, they still have to wait for the Pelicans' game against Magic to know their final position in the West.

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