The inertia of Cádiz knocks down a Espanyol lacking punch

A goal from a set piece by Marcos Mauro decided a balanced game, in which the parrots were able to sentence in the first half but then Cádiz improved.


The success of Cádiz in a corner gave him the victory against Espanyol in a match that maintained the inertia of both teams last year. The coin fell on the side of Cádiz, runners-up in Second, and condemned Espanyol, bottom of First, despite the fact that Vicente Moreno's men had the best chances. The parakeet team maintained the level of play shown against Huesca, but, without playing RdT yet, they lacked hit. Cádiz won again, solid and aggressive in the second half. A solidarity in the pressure that can be very effective in your return to Primera.

From minute 7, from when Jofre surprised Panadero with an electric movement, until a shot by Becerra that touched the post in the 25th minute, Espanyol was a gale. The ball flowed across the grass with the ease with which any animal could run through the green of the Marbella Center. The play began in the center-backs and found criteria in the feet of Fran Mérida, who demonstrated his power in midfield on his debut. Jofre and Pipa, unbalanced on the sides, supplied balls to Becerra, Mérida or Melendo himself, but Cifuentes was victorious in all actions.

It is not necessary to repeat that the one who forgives pays it, but Espanyol missed too many opportunities such as a heads-up from Becerra when the first half ended. The recently signed Cornellà and Jofre, last year as a youth, also stood out against an uncomfortable Cádiz on the pitch, which cost him a world to prevent the progression of Moreno's team.

But in the second half everything changed. Cádiz stepped forward and increased the pressure. The ball already weighed more to Espanyol, which only found depth in the excursions of Vargas and Miguelón, which could have been the target of a penalty that the referee did not indicate in the second half of the second act. Puado also tried without success. Espanyol was a knight without a sword, against a Cádiz that found depth on Alejo's side and played with the result, without suffering.

In the 54th minute, in a priori an inconsequential corner, Marcos Mauro picked up a rebound after a shot off the post and scored free of mark. He had already done it in the previous friendly against Malaga, as Espanyol had also received a goal against Huesca from a corner kick and at the far post. Cádiz, who kept pressing, put the bolt. Espanyol, as much as Puado, Vargas and Miguelón stepped on the air, was predestined not to score, as happened last year. A déja vu, although with better feelings for Espanyol. Cádiz continues to win. Keeps his winning aura intact.

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