The Indy 500 can wait

The new stumble of Fernando Alonso in the oval postpones the challenge, because he has signed two years with Renault in Formula 1. There is time to reflect.


Fernando Alonso stayed this Sunday very far from the fight for victory in the Indianapolis 500, in position 21 and with a lost lap, and, consequently, from his challenge to complete the Triple Crown, in which he already has melted the other two jewels: the Monaco GP and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Asturian's new stumble in the oval postpones the challenge, at least, until the 2023 season, because the next two years he has signed with Renault in Formula 1. On a traditional calendar, without the convulsions of the pandemic, the Indy 500 coincides with Monte Carlo. And while it is true that in 2017 he obtained McLaren's permission to be able to test the adventure in the middle of the F1 season, there is nothing that justifies a similar maneuver at the moment. The Indy can wait.

This time he did touch victory. Then he joined the best team, Andretti Sport, which allowed him to start fifth and lead the race, until the engine said enough. His other two appearances have been a disaster, especially last year, when he was left out of the 33 participants. This Sunday, at least, it ended for the first time, albeit with a push. The clutch failed after climbing to 15th place. I could hardly have fought in the lead, but that progression will always leave doubt. Alonso now has two years to think about whether it is worth competing in the Indy mecca under these conditions. Individual quality is not everything. Fernando has seen Takuma Sato win twice, with whom he coincided in F1, where the Japanese achieved a third as the best result. IndyCar experience wins races. And the car. The Japanese has a Honda engine, just like the first four. The same brand that vetoed Alonso for previous slights. The Spaniard can win the Indy 500, certainly, but not just anyway. There is time to reflect on it.

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