The Grizzlies comply on the horn and will be in the play-in

Those of Jenkins let slip the rent of three and a half parties that they had on the ninth before the bubble. Despite this, with 2 victories in 8 games, it is enough for them to continue in the fight.


Thunder and Bucks. With those 2 wins, the Memphis Grizzlies have gotten the ticket to play the play-in in the Western Conference. Those of Taylor Jenkins, aware of the utmost importance of the match and the size of the rival, despite Antetokounmpo's sanction or the absence of important players such as Hill or Ilyasova, came out very plugged from the start of the match and did not hesitate in the objective of sealing the triumph. In just 2 and a half minutes, the Grizzlies already led 7-0, all the points scored by a Dillon Brooks, who was at a high level during the more than 32 minutes he was on the track.

With a dynamic game, combining the outside game and the immeasurable support of a versatile center of the level of Valanciunas, they held the electric start for 5 minutes. From the 13-2 that the scoreboard reflected, the Grizzlies were less accurate in their always demanding defense of the man and ended up suffering the first 12 minutes. One up and thank you. DiVincenzo, starting substitute, or Brook Lopez led a good choral game for Budenholzer's men in the final stretch of the quarter.

Despite this, the percentages of those from Wisconsin were very poor, they did not even reach 30% in field goals, but the loss of offensive bellows by Jenkins' men opened the scoring doors for them. However, the success facing the rim in the closing stages of the first quarter, with a partial 9-2 in the last 2 minutes, was a mere attempt by the team that will finish first in the Eastern Conference to leave a good competitive mark.

In the second quarter, the Grizzlies maintained a scoring consistency that they had not achieved in the first and that marked the differences on the scoreboard, which at the end of the first half already reflected an income of 10 points. The percentages of successes rose like foam, practically 11% in field shots and more than 15% from outside, due to a change in offensive dynamics in which trying to find many more easier shots, speeding up the times of possession. Ja Morant's good direction of play was supported by Brooks and Valanciunas, both of whom left with double digits at halftime.

The third quarter was that of reaffirmation and sentence. Dillon Brooks greatly enhanced his figure and emerged as the great offensive leader of the Tennessee team. He scored 14 points, scoring all the shots he tried, 5 of 5 on field goals and 3 of 3 on triples, to reach the fourth quarter with 27 points on his account. Hurricane Brooks had no response either defensively or offensively from Budenholzer's side, just Brook Lopez, once again touching the acceptable scoring numbers in the first quarter, trying to keep the Bucks in vain in the game. 19 points above and all seen for sentence.

The last quarter was for the Bucks, who took the opportunity to review the physical condition and confidence of their bench, including a Thanasis Antetounmpo who showed why he barely averages 5 minutes per game. He barely made 1 of the 4 field goals he tried and missed the 2 triples he threw. For his part, Jenkins did not want relaxation due to fear that the Bucks could lower the psychological barrier of 10 points. He barely gave Melton minutes down the stretch, the rest were over 15 minutes. The context helped the Grizzlies' props take advantage of the last 12 minutes to round up their numbers and sign a dream night.

Brooks managed to reach thirty on his account, while Morant and Valanciunas signed a triple-double, in the case of the Lithuanian the first in his sports career. The point guard finished with 12 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists although he also sinned again in his weak point, his lack of concentration in certain plays again led to Dalzell's losing up to 6 balls. For his part, Valanciunas once again demonstrated his physical power in the paint but also his versatility with his assists and outside shooting, he scored 2 of the 3 triples he tried but none of them in the last 12 minutes. The Lithuanian finished the game and ended the duel with 26 points, 19 rebounds and 12 assists, a facet in which until the game against the Bucks he averaged not even 2 per game.

With the victory, the Grizzlies certify their presence in the weekend's play-in, in which they will face the Blazers, who agonizingly beat the Nets (133-134) in their last game of the regular phase. Those of Terry Stotts will start with the advantage of being eighth and if they prevail in Saturday's game they would avoid playing a second on Sunday. It will be the second confrontation between the two in the Orlando bubble, in the first one, those of Portland were imposed by 140-135, with extra time included.

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