The changing room of Barcelona wants elections and Xavi

Piqué's speech is shared by all the heavyweights of the team. "We have hit rock bottom, the club needs new fire at all levels," was the conclusion.


There is no going back. Neither patches nor specific decisions to cover a bad season. In the FC Barcelona dressing room they have it very clear: the club has to go to elections. One of the team captains, Gerard Piqué, was already very blunt as soon as the game ended by assuring that an absolute remodeling was needed, clearly insinuating that the only way to achieve it was through the polls: "It is not the first, the second the third time it happens to us. I hope this humiliation does something. That serves to reflect, the club needs changes, but I'm not talking about the coach and players, but something much more structural. It is essential to change this dynamic that has been dragging us for many years. We have hit rock bottom. You have to make a deep reflection and seriously decide what is best for Barcelona. ”Piqué was not alone when he made these statements. The heavyweights of the team supported all his reflections one by one, even when he opened the door to an exit of the most veteran for black sap to come, but within the squad they took a step further and spoke directly of elections. Within the team it is considered that the sports management has been erratic for many years and leading the club to a real quagmire. Obviously there was also self-criticism among the players, acknowledging that they were surpassed by Bayern in both intensity and desire, but they also blame a lack of tactical work and an obvious imbalance in the squad as causes of the disaster that was experienced in Lisbon. A heavyweight, as Piqué himself demonstrated, is willing to do the 'harakiri', if with that measure it is possible to straighten the course of the team, but they also expect a gesture of bravery and Barcelona from the president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and finally decided to call elections. "The atmosphere is too tense and worn out", assumed a heavy weight. "It is not solved with a signing or a new face more or less, you have to refound everything," pointed out the same player. In fact, in the COPE chain, it was already spoken directly that even Leo Messi had demanded from his environment the call of an election, because if that step was not taken he was no longer willing to renew in 2021. "Right now we need new ideas, new faces and new projects," confirms a sunken locker room. Neither Trincao, nor Pedri, nor Pjanic are the solution for a project that has been in a terminal state for years.The feeling that is breathed among the heavyweights is that a leader has to come who brings together all the players, who knows the house and who has enough personality to refound a buried team. The name and surname are on everyone's lips: Xavi Hernández.

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