The Bucks show themselves in the fourth quarter and caress the pass

An 18-2 in the first 4 minutes of the final quarter, led by Middleton, tipped the balance in favor of Budenholzer's. The Bucks will look to settle the series on Wednesday.


Everything indicates that the slip of the first game will remain in that. The Bucks suffered but returned to meet the goal and are already looking askance at the East semifinals. The leaders of the East at the end of the regular phase prevailed with suffering against the Magic in which Vucevic was once again the main offensive threat. Despite signing only 3 points in the first quarter and 2 in the third, the Montenegrin again signed 31 points and kept his team in the game until the groundbreaking start of the Wisconsin team in the last quarter.

The first 12 minutes were marked by maximum equality, which has marked large sections of a series that on paper was presented as the most unbalanced. The tactical order was conspicuous by its absence and the mistake was the king in the first 12 minutes, the Magic got to be the first 4 minutes of the duel without finding the rim. Low scoring and players with extremely poor scoring numbers.

That didn't stop the Bucks from dominating with rents hovering between 3 and 5 points throughout the quarter. The only one that was beginning to appear in those of Wisconsin was the usual one. Giannis Antetokounmpo finished the fourth with 8 points in the 6 shots he tried, despite this it will not be the 12 minutes that mark the career of the Athenian. The rhythm of the game would rise dramatically in the second quarter, both in terms of scoring and circulation of the ball. Those of Budenholzer, pressured by a drastic change of approach of those of Clifford, saw how the little advantage acquired at the start of the duel was in the past.

Midfield pressure and drown out the Wisconsin team. Vucevic appeared, with 13 points in the fourth and with him the outside game. Clifford's men doubled their bet from the outside and found revenue by scoring 8 of the 14 shots attempted. Despite this, a good last minute and a half by Budenholzer's men allowed them to go 6 up at half-time, after an 8-2 run in which 2 consecutive triples by Matthews were heavily at fault.

The equality that prevailed at the beginning of the first half reached its climax in the third quarter. The inaccuracies in the game distribution, added to an intense zonal defense that continued to be suffocating, opened the doors to a Magic that came to get ahead with just over 5 and a half minutes to go. The game became a small runner with many alternatives on the scoreboard.

Only a superb final stretch in the paint of Budenholzer's team, with appearances by Giannis, Korver and Ilyasova, allowed Wisconsin to leave more than 3 points up on the scoreboard, however an absurd foul by DiVincenzo led to Terrence Ross , who signed 19 points, to the personnel line to score the 3 shots and tie the game. A final agonizing triple by Antetokounmpo allowed the Bucks to go 3 up.

The last quarter was that of imbalance and avoiding surprises. Just 4 minutes were enough to know that the big favorites in the East would not give rise to surprise. In the first 3 quarters, Antetokounmpo, who signed, finished the game with 31 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists, he had missed a companion with powerful scoring numbers in his team. In this context, Middleton appeared, who with 8 points at the start knocked on the door of the double digits to end the game with 21 points.

The Wisconsin team started with an overwhelming 18-2 run, went 19 up and stifled the Magic's hopes. Despite this, the Orlando team tried again with pride spurred on by Vucevic, who scored 13 points in the first 8 minutes of the quarter. Clifford's men were 7 down, with a 17-5 run with 4 minutes to go. However, the Vucevic, Fournier or Ross did not have good shooting streaks again and scored only 4 points in the final stretch of the duel.

With this win, the Bucks are already looking askance at the East semi-finals. A goal that they would reach after having lived a series much more suffered than what the expectations said. Despite this, and with a defeat that plunged the leader of the East into a sea of doubts, the objective is only one victory. Triumph that could arrive next Wednesday (22:00 Spanish time) and seal that ticket that has been more expensive than expected.

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