The Barça gives by lost to Messi

The dilemma in the club is to find an agreed solution. They do not want to take the case to court, but consider that it should be the entity's biggest transfer: they will ask for one euro more than for Neymar.


Barcelona and especially its president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, are in a state of shock after the announcement by Messi's lawyers, who through a burofax sent on Tuesday afternoon requested the immediate termination of the Argentine star's contract so that he would be free to choose his destination. From the Catalan entity they give up any option that Messi remains at the club and returns to play a game with the Barcelona shirt.

At the Blaugrana club, the silence is thunderous. Every minute that passes without an official explanation from the board increases a gap that threatens the institutional stability of an entity that must hold an Assembly of Compromisarios in October and elections in March.

At the moment, the only thing that has transpired from the club is that Messi's burofax has been answered, telling him that he is counted on and that they want him to finish his sports career at the Camp Nou, but there are very few who from within the club consider that a feasible option.

Although the club's legal services consider that reason assists them and that Messi's release clause to leave for free has already expired, few voices from the Barcelona management advocate extending the issue through the courts.

No one wants to be involved in a lawsuit with the club's legend and, given the club's impoverished coffers, they opt for the pragmatic option of getting what they can from a battle already lost beforehand. If Messi has said that he is leaving, it is very difficult to consider that the drama has a reversal. And also, from Barça they assure that Bartomeu, or at least that was his position last night, does not intend to resign no matter how much the opposition demands it.

So, once the toothpaste has come out of the tube, it is useless to try to put it back in the container. Barcelona will try to sit down with Leo to find a solution that satisfies both parties. Barça considers as a starting point in the negotiation that Messi can leave as long as it is the most expensive transfer in the club's history. This is charging one more euro for which Neymar left. Now we have to see which teams are willing to pay this amount for a player who was free in nine months and who has made an ordeal of this caliber to the club. Presumably, Leo's lawyers are very clear that their approach has the upper hand and that they can leave for free due to the exceptionality of COVID.

At the moment, on Sunday Messi is summoned along with the rest of his teammates to pass the medical tests.

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