The accounts for the Western Conference play-in

On Thursday, the Blazers, Grizzlies, Suns and Spurs will play their final game in the Western Conference play-in race. Two positions, four teams.


The West will be decided on Thursday. A new loss for the Grizzlies has left Portland with eighth place, which they will ensure if they beat the Nets on the final day. Now they are the best placed, and Memphis will have to forget the possibility of being ahead winning their game yes or yes against Bucks that surely will not go with all the starters. In addition, the Suns will play it against Doncic's Mavericks and the Spurs, who are still alive, will do it against the Jazz. Both Phoenix and San Antonio are not dependent on themselves and need their rivals to fail. Texans are the ones who have it the most complicated.

What are the scores?

- The Blazers will be eighth if they win or if each and every one of their rivals loses.

- The Blazers will clinch ninth place if two of their three opponents lose.

- The Grizzlies would be eighth if they win and the Blazers lose.

- The Grizzlies will place ninth if they win or lose Phoenix and San Antonio.

- The Suns will be eighth if they win and Portland and Memphis lose.

- The Suns will be ninth if they win and lose Portland or Memphis.

- Spurs will be eighth if they win and everyone else loses.

- The Spurs will be ninth if they win and lose two of their three rivals.

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