The 76ers fall very short and already see the abyss from close up

The Philadelphia team tried with more honor than quality. Walker, Brown and Smart made more of a difference than Jayson Tatum.


New I want and I cannot for the Sixers, who were already in a difficult position with Ben Simmons' injury and are being exposed to some Celtics who have taken their measure and are already one game away from eliminating them. 94-102 the greens won the third game and they are going for the donut despite the fact that they also have an important loss: forward Gordon Hayward.

A Jayson Tatum had to rest from his duties as a man for everything. After beating and beating his personal record in the two previous games, he played only eight minutes in the first half for accumulating three fouls and contributed some outstanding action in the second half but leaving the shine to other teammates who had more success. It did seem that it was going to be Joel Embiid's day, with 22 + 10 in that half, but he ended up abusing the shots and with a total of 7/20.

The Sixers entered a little better thanks to the Cameroonian, who threw the team on his back. Nor can it do anything else. Al Horford, after his sister criticized coach Brett Brown on his social networks, did not claim much: five shots tried and one made in 38 minutes. The eyes were, therefore, on the outer lines. A huge inequality has been seen between the two lineups and in that part of them, pairing someone as electric as Kemba Walker with a neophyte like Shake Milton, trying to compensate for Thybulle's defenses with those of Scott, Burks, Korkmaz or Harris. The balance is tricky for Philly.

It was precisely these players, especially Milton and Harris as well as Josh Richardson, who took the scoring relay from Embiid to fight the game to the end. Yes it is true that they put fear in the body of the Celtics, but they are much better worked and make the right decisions. Only in this way is it explained that the match ended with a 0-10 partial for the visitors here (figuratively) with an unsportsmanlike foul in between. It's a want and I can't.

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