That the Jumbo asked to stop the others is inexplicable

Cycling is a risky sport and each rider can decide if they want to go slower or faster, take more risks or not. But the decision cannot be made by a rival team.


To win a Tour de France you have to take risks. To win a stage, too. And each cyclist must decide what risks they want or can take, how dangerous the road is and how fast they should go. But does a team, in this case the Jumbo, send or ask to stop the others? It's inexplicable. I had not seen it in my life as a cyclist and the image seems sad to me. If they want to stop, let them do it. If others want to slow down, then too. But making gestures to others seems more strategy than anything else. They know the strongest team and today they could not win the Tour, but they could lose it, especially when Roglic arrived touched.

So, from now on, when a team wants to form fans, what do we do? Because they are also very dangerous. Or when a runner attacks downhill or in the rain. Or without going any further, on a sprint. As I watched the stage, days that I lived as a cyclist came to my mind, like one in Andalusia in which, as in Nice, the rain brought all the dirt to the surface and the road was a skating rink. Or on the way to Xorret de Catí, even the first time that Angliru was reached with descents such as Cordal or Cobertoria, very dangerous and where there were falls. What should have been done? Tell everyone to get to the foot of the last port together? Each rider or team can decide not to take risks, it is their responsibility, but one cannot make the decision for others.

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