Stewards take victory away from Martinator in Moto2

Spectacular pursuit of Bezzecchi to the Spanish, who came to cut two seconds, but without passing, and a penalty gave him the victory.


What a fiasco. Martín led the Moto2 race from start to finish, but did not win the Styrian GP because he stepped on the green at Turn 8 of the last lap and was penalized with the loss of a position. A full-fledged task, but unappealable with the regulations in hand. And Bezzechi benefited from this, to finish off his spectacular career in pursuit mode over the Spanish, with his first victory in the intermediate category.

The one with the Sky VR46 thus finished off the double in the small categories for Valentino Rossi, since Celestino Vietti had won before in Moto2, and that he received a flag 60 thousandths behind the Spanish. His comeback was spectacular, because of the positions he won and the way he did it, since he combined a superior rhythm and battle. Nagashima found it easier to pass him to third, but with Gardner he suffered a lot to win second place. The Australian gave a master braking in the purest Crocodile style, which was how his father was known, but his corpulence penalized him at the exit of the corners and in the end he had to give in to Marco's push.

From there, Bezzecchi got to work to cut an advantage that came to be two seconds in favor of the Spaniard, who, had he maintained the first position on the podium, would have placed second in the general classification just three points away of the leader, a Marini who could only be seventh this time. Going back to Marco, by the way, he looks more and more like Marco Simoncelli with those funny crazy hairs that poke out of his cap, he lacked a lap to be able to put a wheel on Martinator, although in the end he didn't need to for the sanction received by the Spanish.

The podium was closed by Gardner, the second in his World Cup career, and Canet should have fought for him, he fell to the ground in the second round when he was second. His leg was trapped with his motorcycle, but later the clinic ruled out that he had any major injury. The one who also fell, and twice, was Lowes, the first time making it brown, so much so that he was shown a black flag when he resumed walking and which coincided with his second fall. The Englishman entered very late in the braking of Turn 3, he fell and took Chantra and Navarro to the ground with him, who is winded this year.As for Bastianini, who started second overall in this race, he maintains the position, but now tied on points with Martín, eight behind Marini, after being tenth today, surpassed by the three on the podium and Nagashima, Luthi, Vierge, Marini, Dixon and Garzó, who with this ninth signed their best World Cup result. Further back came Ramírez 16th, Pons 19th and Medina 22nd. Augusto Fernández fell on the first lap when he was fourth.



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