Sevilla lands with their sixth Europa League trophy

The Nervionense expedition is already in Seville. Many fans came to the airport and this afternoon a private event will be held.


Sevilla is back. The Nervionian expedition landed at São Paulo airport after being crowned champion of the Europa League for the sixth time in its history. With Julen Lopetegui and Monchi at the helm, Sevilla returned from Germany after several weeks in which they made their way into history before being crowned in the final against Inter. Many eyes were on Jesús Navas, the captain in charge of leading a team that returns with a new title for the Nervionense club.

The plane from Dusseldorf arrived without incident and a bus was waiting for the Seville expedition. There were also many fans who came to the airport to cheer on their people and show their joy at the achievement. A car caravan accompanied the Sevilla fans on the return to the city, with many fans present with scarves and flags and complying with the required protocols.

The club has already announced that due to the restrictions imposed by the fight against Coronavirus, it will only star today in a small private act with the local authorities to commemorate the achievement of the sixth Europa League. In this way, Sevilla tries to calm any type of celebration that may escape the existing protocols due to Covid-19.

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