SER: Messi would not have to pay the 700 million clause

"El Larguero" assures that the forward would no longer belong to Barça this season and a social judge would set a lower compensation for Barça.


Leo Messi is released from paying the 700 million euro termination clause to leave Barcelona, according to "El Larguero". The Cadena SER program ensures that the clause is not in force, that the forward would no longer be from Barça and that in the case of leaving, he would be a social judge would set a compensation that would be less.

The lawyers of both parties interpret differently the contract that Messi signed in 2017 and for which, according to "El Larguero", the Argentine star considers that he is free to leave the club. In the event that Messi leaves Barcelona, FIFA would have to grant the new club a provisional or definitive transfer. The club chaired by Josep María Bartomeu has fired the Cuatrecasas law firm this Saturday after they advised the footballer in the burofax.

Leo Messi has to attend the tests this Sunday, which he has already announced by a burofax that he will not attend because he understands that he is no longer a Barça player. The club tells him that it is and the forward, if he does not attend, risks a sanction and a file.

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