Saved: "The way to get excited is to win games"

The Betic captain advocates cleaning his head of what happened last season and is excited about the arrival of Pellegrini.


Andrés Guarded, Betis captain, appeared at a telematic press conference from the Marbella facilities where Betis has started its preseason. The Mexican advocates speaking less and acting more in addition to clearing his head about what happened last season. His statements were as follows:

Strange holidays: "It will be seen throughout the season if they have been enough or not. We are aware of the current situation, the complexity of the calendar, but we have no choice but to adapt to get to the top" .

First days: "They have been quite good, although because of the situation they are being somewhat different. We are all excited about this new Betis project and we want to show that we want to be here."

Contribution: "At this point I will not change anything I have done in my career. The coach knows me perfectly as a player, maybe not as a person but we will get to know each other. I will contribute with the same commitment that I have shown from the first day that I came here, showing professionalism through thick and thin. I will always help with experience, trying to be the connection between the coach and the players as captain. After the bad year we had, the fans expect something more from this team and we will try to give from the first game ".

Lainez: "I tell him that whoever works and does not lower his arms will get his chance. Hopefully he can soon show that he is qualified to be at Betis."

Physicist: "Right now I feel very good. I had to work during the holidays to finish recovering and reach one hundred percent. Today I am at the same level as my colleagues and I set myself as a challenge to have less problems this season than the past ".

Pellegrini: "From the first word he says to you, he shows his experience. He has transmitted to us what he likes and what he doesn't. He likes intense play without the ball and having control of the game based on possession" .

Differences: "It is too early to know the differences between the current coach and the previous ones. In addition, I do not like to compare the work of one and the other because nobody has a magic wand, each one believes in theirs. It is up to the players adapt to that idea and go to death with them ".

Last year: "It is clear that many things were missing, but I would not like to talk much more about last year because it would be more of the same. We cannot come with the infected zebra of the past, because we would start badly. It is a clean slate with a new technician and improve the image we gave last year ".

Objective: "The one who has led this week knows the pressure that exists in Betis beyond that we say that the objective is to enter Europe or not. Here he feels in everything. The objectives must be demonstrated in the field, I am a lesser supporter talk and more act. The way to get excited is by winning matches, the words are blown away ":

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