Rousaud: "If there is a winning proposal, I will present myself"

"We are the largest club in the world and I see myself capable of turning the current situation around," says the former Barça manager, who suggests his candidacy for the presidency


Catalan businessman Emili Rousaud, former Barça director and founder of Factorenergia, is considering the possibility of running as a candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona, a decision that he could announce in the coming days, as he sees himself capable of creating a winning project and " turn the current situation around ".

In an interview with EFE, Rousaud (Barcelona, 1966) acknowledges that it would make him "very excited" to preside over Barça, a club from which he resigned from the so-called 'Barçagate', and that he maintains contacts with people who could accompany him in this adventure, to know their opinion and assess the option of setting up a strong candidacy.

The manager had given himself a few months to make a decision on the matter, but Barça's crushing defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League (2-8) could lead the current president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, to advance the elections . An extraordinary emergency meeting has been called for this Monday.

Rousaud regrets "the humiliation" that the club has suffered in the European league and considers that "it has hit rock bottom very hard", for which he calls on Bartomeu to advance the elections, initially scheduled for 2021.

He assures, however, that he does not want to rush and that he will wait to know what the Barcelona board decides on Monday to make a decision about his future: "Now I feel a time pressure that I did not have before and that I will have to decide now", the manager points out.

In any case, he insists, the decision has not been made and this will depend on various factors, such as assembling a team "that brings a new air, with a high and proven management capacity and at the same time represents and unites all of Barcelona" and Consequently, it is capable of gaining the trust of the partners.

"A great team of Barça players, names with proven experience and prestige, who come to serve the club" and who will have to compete with other more well-known candidates, explains.

"It is a complex world. If I believe that there are possibilities of forming a winning proposal, in the aforementioned terms, I will decide," emphasizes the businessman.

Rousaud, in any case, is eager to try and convinced that he can offer a project that restores enthusiasm to the fans and makes Barça "continue to be the best club in the world."

"We are the largest club in the world and I see myself capable of turning the current situation around", indicates the manager, who believes that an alternative like the one he wants to propose is "necessary" and for now no one has proposed it another possible candidate.

The cuts

Leading Barça, however, will not be an easy task for anyone, as Rousaud acknowledges that the new president will have to face a complex sporting and economic situation, with a sharp drop in income due to COVID-19 . "Everyone likes to manage in abundance, but not everyone is excited to manage scarcity," he warns.

Rousaud, CEO of the energy marketer Factorenergia and vice president of the employer association Pimec, was also institutional vice president of Barça, although he resigned last April along with five managers as a result of the 'Barçagate' case, for which a company hired The club allegedly carried out a smear campaign on social media against individuals and entities not related to Josep Maria Bartomeu's board of directors.

Rousaud details that he submitted his resignation when he learned that the contract that triggered the 'Barçagate' eluded internal controls, since it was fragmented into amounts lower than 200,000 euros to avoid supervision by the award commission that he himself presided over.

"It was an intolerable situation and I couldn't look the other way", explains the businessman, who left the club together with Enrique Tombas, Silvio Elías, Josep Pont, Maria Teixidor and Jordi Calsamiglia.

Despite being considered the 'dolphin' of Bartomeu, the man best placed to lead a hypothetical continuation candidacy for the 2021 elections, his controversial resignation ended his relationship with the current president of Barça.

"What I said is that if it was demonstrated in the audit that a higher price than the market had been paid, it could be said that someone had put their hand in the box. But I clarified that I did not know who and of course no one on the board directive ", details the directive.

Currently, Rousaud admits that she has no relationship with Bartomeu, but that she has "a cordial relationship with almost all the members of the board."

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