Rennes beat Montpellier with a great goal from Camavinga

The Breton team achieved their first victory in Ligue 1 in another great performance by the Rennes midfielder, initialed with a great goal.


A fantastic goal by Eduardo Camavinga, preceded by a brand-name play by the midfielder and by an own goal from Le Tallec in the first half, allowed Rennes to beat Montpellier 2-1 and add their first victory of the present Ligue season 1.

The great novelty in the eleven of the Bretons was the presence of the Franco-Angolan. The 17-year-old midfielder was unable to start on matchday one due to abdominal discomfort, although he revolutionized the match against Lille in the second half. In addition to ownership, the Rennes youth squad celebrated his first call-up with the French national team, having replaced Pogba, diagnosed this week with coronavirus.

The game started with Montpellier defending the result at all costs. Der Zakarian's side, known for being one of the lowest-scoring teams in all of Ligue 1, did not renounce its fierce and defensive style in Rennes and left Stephan's team unanswered for 20 minutes. However, the 5-defense system requires concentration during the 90 minutes when defending so close to their area and Rennes took advantage of a mistake by Montpellier. Raphinha benefited from Le Tallec's lack of forcefulness in a split ball to make one of the plays of the match and end up generating Le Tallec's own goal.

After 1-0, the game took a radical turn and Montpellier was totally disconnected. Rennes began to punish the back of the three centrals of the "Palladians" and from minute 30 to 33, Hunou missed three clear occasions to have practically sentenced the match. In the first, the Rennes striker ran into the post after a good break-away; in the second, Omlim read his intentions well, and in the last, the Montpellier goalkeeper painstakingly repelled his shot from the penalty spot to end up hitting the crossbar. It was five minutes of rock and roll by Stephan's team that culminated in the expulsion of Mollet, who hit the studs on Maouassa's head and left Montpellier with one less player throughout the second half.

Despite playing at a disadvantage, Montpellier began little by little to add dangerous plays in the second half. One of them, a spectacular shot by Souquer with the left that repelled the post. Rennes, who tried to slow down the game and dominate through long-lasting possessions, did not transmit the same freshness as during the 45 minutes and did not seem to be with one more player on the pitch.

In fact, with 20 minutes remaining, Martin Terrier committed a recklessness as a result of helplessness in the face of Montpellier's growth and expelled himself. The former Olympique Lyon player hit Pedro Mendes' ankle in spectacular fashion and the referee didn't hesitate for a second to show him the direct red. It was a reflection of the second half, with Montpellier progressing exponentially and Rennes suffering to reach the rival goal.

What differentiates good players from the best in the world is the ability of the latter to be decisive even on days when they don't shine. Camavinga, seen as seen in the last two days, is on the way to belonging to the lineage of the best midfielders in the world. If Lille-Rennes revolutionized in the second half last week, the one intended by Real Madrid scored a spectacular goal, mixing talent, speed, dribbling and shooting. All this in a match in which he was not feeling comfortable and that he could make up with a play of those that only the chosen ones can make. Laborde cut distances in the discount, but it was too late.

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