Reinier, Dortmund goal

As AS learned, the German team has positioned itself very well for the Brazilian loan. The Leverkusen, alternative. The Royal Society, interested.


Real Madrid and Reinier Jesus (18 years old) are studying the best team for the transfer of the Brazilian, who has lost a very important time of evolution due to everything generated by the coronavirus. The club and the player considered that these months after landing in Spain were key for the formation of the midfielder, which requires the greatest of care when finding a destination that allows him to reduce the influence of what happened. As AS has learned, the best positioned at the moment is Borussia Dortmund; almost on par is Bayer Leverkusen.

Although it was not contemplated at first, in the last month the foreign option has been gaining strength. The initial idea was even to study her staying in a club in the capital because of the good adaptation of the boy and his family to her, but the pandemic has changed the plans. Madrid and Reinier are going to prioritize the sports plan: a project in which football matches their style, has minutes, plays European competition and at least aspires to end the season from mid-table upwards.

Dortmund, according to the latest talks between the parties, meets all the requirements of that list, ensuring a good starting point for negotiations. At Madrid, Reinier's predisposition has been liked a lot, who, despite all the comforts he has found in the club and in the city, only looks out for his sporting future. He is sure that, being guided by the advice of the sports management, he will leave to return to the Bernabéu more done and opting for minutes.

Leverkusen, Real or Valladolid, also interested

At his age and after these months of inactivity, the Carioca is looking for a challenge that allows him to show his potential. Interested parties are not lacking for Madrid to meet that goal, including Valladolid, Real Sociedad or Bayer Leverkusen. Paulinho, one of the best friends of the former Flamengo, with whom he has spoken recently, plays in the German team, with whom he has also spoken.

The main problem of a march to Germany is the passport: Reinier needs two uninterrupted years in Spain to obtain nationality. However, strictly football matters will weigh more in his case. In addition, in Madrid they maintain that Vinicius will be a community in 2020-21 (the place that he releases will be for Kubo) and that next summer Rodrygo and Militao will begin the process that leads to it. If Reinier came back then there would be overbooking, but that's not certain ...

... And, although this week and the next will be decisive for Reinier, there are still substantial aspects to be discussed. For example, it is by no means ruled out that the loan is for two seasons, in the style of Achraf or Odegaard. It is agreed verbally or in writing, it would always be with the possibility of returning after the first. It will depend on Madrid, which values, as with Kubo, requesting financial compensation for the transfer, in addition to the player's file. With Dortmund and Leverkusen in advantage, the future of the last pearl signed (in January, for € 30M) by Madrid is closer to being clarified.

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