Ramos, renewal on the rise

His performance this year and the European elimination without him reinforce him so that Madrid give him the two more years he asks for. It has signed until 2021.


"Ramos will finish his career at Madrid. He is more than a captain." This is how resounding Florentino was before the press when Madrid celebrated the league title. "He will continue as long as he wants, he knows it. As long as he wants and has the strength, and as he has strength, I think he will be with us for many years," he concluded. The captain had been instrumental in winning the title. After the stoppage due to the pandemic, he had scored six of the team's 21 goals. Now, the elimination in the Champions League has shown that Madrid is another without him. He is in a position of strength to get Madrid to give him the two more years of contract he is claiming.

The captain has signed until 2021. Club and player (34 years old) are condemned to understand each other. But despite the president's words, the idea of Madrid is different from that of the defender. As is the norm in the entity for players who are over thirty, it only offers one more year. The same thing happened with Pepe and he preferred to leave. Ramos's case is different. It is an emblem and there is good disposition: "We had a moment with the great club in all aspects, so there is no rush," he said in February. "We are going to reach an understanding. I have never demanded two, three or four years. If the club wants me to continue, I will continue here," he settled, although the reality is that he wants two years.

From what was said by Ramos and Florentino, it should be understood that the relationship between player and entity is now unbeatable, but there have been many tensions in recent times, precisely on account of the captain's renewals. The first big disagreement was in the summer of 2015. René (the footballer's brother and agent) took advantage of an alleged offer from United (55 million net in five seasons, it was leaked) to force the renewal of the captain that was in the making. The ordeal came at a difficult moment for Florentino: the traumatic departure of Casillas had just taken place ... 444 444

In the second big clash there was no renewal involved. After the elimination against Ajax, Florentino went down to the locker room to recriminate what happened to the squad, and Ramos came out in defense of the players: "The planning has been a shame," he told him. "I miss you," Florentino replied. "Perfect, you pay", the defender settled ...

The most recent conflict experienced by both was right after. René again made force when he asked to let his brother go free for a Chinese offer ... The Ramos family understood that the president then left the footballer at the feet of the horses when, in an interview in El Transistor, he assured that the captain It is "the one who charges the most of the staff." Florentino then told Ramos that he could not go ...

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