"What Racing Point has done is like cheating on an exam"

Mattia Binotto continues with the war against the 'Mercedes Rosa': "There are those who copy the exam and those who pass so that others can copy them."

Of the controversy with the minimal sanction that the FIA has given to Racing Point for copying the brake lines of the Mercedes, Mattia Binotto, Ferrari's 'main team', has spoken again in 'Sky Italia'. "We already discussed the case, we have already said what we think. There have been protests and there was a first verdict that said what Racing Point did is illegal. This, to begin with. Stroll and Wolff may be angry, but the rules have been violated. . It's like cheating on an exam, "said the leader.

Ferrari was one of the teams that, together with McLaren and Renault, denounced the pink team to the FIA and Binotto emphasizes in his statements that they are not satisfied with the sanction: "There are those who copy the exam and those who pass so that others copy. I don't think there is anything to add to that. The facts are obvious. We are rivals and this is normal. Each looks to his own interest. We have established our intention to appeal. We believe that the sentence was not adequate and we have four days to confirm our intention ".

Photos from as.com
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