RAC: Barça would only transfer Messi for more than 222 million

The Board of Directors assumes that they will not be able to retain the player but will not let him leave for free. Legally, the club believes that the battle has been won.

According to the RAC station, Barça sees it impossible to retain Lionel Messi and would consider transferring him only if it is the most expensive sale in the club's history, that is, more than the 222 million euros that PSG paid for Neymar.

Legally, Barça believes they have the battle won. Let's see, Messi had a clause whereby he could go out for free if he reported 20 days before June 10, 2020. The player relies on the fact that the season ended with the last Champions League game, or in the match against Bayern in Lisbon . But he also did not report 20 days before that.

But Barça knows that the situation is untenable. The official reply to Messi's first burofax was another burofax wishing he would end his career at Barça. But according to RAC, Barça will not let the Argentine go for free and will only let Messi go if he leaves the biggest transfer in Barça's history, which is Neymar's for 222 million euros.

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