Quartararo: "The KTM is going well and has already run in Austria and Misano"

The MotoGP leader sees a new threat in the Austrian brand and warns that they have already trained on the stages of the next four races.


The word of a leader, of a MotoGP leader. This is how Fabio Quartararo arrives at the Austrian GP, with 17 points of advantage over Maverick at the head of the generation, but aware that everyone now has a new threat, the KTM ... 444 444

-Are you still circling the seventh in Brno?

-I was surprised, because on Friday we had a difficult moment with the bike, but then we had a good feeling with the intermediate tire at ten laps and when the race started I already had a scare on the first lap, at turn three. Then I kept pushing, but I had to do it in a different way to get the lap time and in the end everything was hard for me. It was very difficult to handle and was straining the front end a lot. The rear tire was destroyed almost from the beginning, so, honestly, I could not do anything, but the important thing was to finish the race because it was already difficult to drive in those conditions and therefore the position -seventh- in this type of races, which It has been one of the toughest I have ever had, we take it for positive.

-Last year he was third here. The weather forecast is not good due to the rain that is already falling. Do you think it will be difficult?

-I arrived in Austria on Monday and when we looked at the forecast it said rain every day, but it rains for an hour. Today something earlier was planned than it rained at the end. We'll see. It seems like it's going to rain on Friday and Saturday and we'll see what happens on Sunday. We will do the best we know how in the conditions that affect us, but we all know that it is not easy to face a grand prize like this.

-How did you like the performance of the KTM RC16?

-I had the opportunity to follow her in the race but only in a couple of corners, when Brad (Binder) and Miguel (Oliveira) passed me. All I can say is that they were doing quite well and had an incredible performance. We'll see if we can do more laps during practice and less in the race following them. "

-After KTM's performance at Jerez and Brno and considering Marc's injury, do you think he can be a real contender for the title?

-Yes, I think not only because of Brad's victory, but because Miguel was very good on the grid and they have tested in Austria and Misano, where we have two races. The bike is doing very well and, in addition, in the next four races they have already ridden with the new bikes and their potential is high. They are sure to fight for a very good position in the championship.

-Could there be safety problems in case of rain?

-The first year I rode here in the wet, the corner was to the right and I fell to the left, and in those conditions it was not that great. With the ups and downs, in turn two, for example, the water can stay there and it can be a problem or dangerous point. We will have to see the conditions of the track with Race Direction who will check it and worry about us, but yes, there are points where safety can be a bit tricky.

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