Quartararo escapes from Q1 by the hair and Maverick reacts

The track dried up in time for there to be position dancing and names like Zarco, Binder or Rossi stayed from Q2.


Great reaction from Maverick Viñales and an agonizing pass to Q2 from Fabio Quartararo in FP3 of the MotoGP Austrian GP. The session started with the asphalt wet, which made it impossible to improve the times of the first day, but it gradually dried up and in the final minutes everyone pulled with the knife between their teeth with the dry tires, which generated a show on the level of an official rating.

What everyone was looking for was direct access to Q2 and to avoid the hassle of going through Q1, and the leader achieved his goal in his last step through the finish line. For a single second, the Petronas Yamaha rider had the option to make an extra turn and took advantage of it to climb to tenth place, his friend and compatriot Zarco being the victim by the narrow margin of 44 thousandths.

Johann was not the only one on Sunday's podium in Brno who was left out of the top ten. Binder, brilliant winner of the Czech event, remained in the sixteenth place, and is far from the level offered just a few days ago. But KTM's morale remains intact, as Pol ends up in front of the combined times of the first three free practice sessions, 44 thousandths ahead of Dovizioso. Neither of these two could improve their times on Friday, although they didn't need to. Yes, his two immediate pursuers, Maverick and Miller, did.

It was especially important that Yamaha did it, because Ducati's was already in the top ten. Mack and his team got the strategy right this time, with the exact moment to put the slicks dry to go out to shoot with everything. His colleague Rossi cannot say the same, who the day before acknowledged that Yamaha has lowered the revolutions of its engines to gain in reliability, after two of them broke in Jerez, one from Rossi and the other from Morbidelli, and that a strange noise arises in one of Maverick.

At the end, the ten with direct access to Q2 are: Pol, Dovizioso, Maverick, Miller, Nakagami, Rins, Oliveira, Mir, Morbidelli and Quartararo. They finished further back Rossi 13th, Lecuona 15th, Aleix 18th, Álex Márquez 19th and Rabat 22nd.

Photos from as.com
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